Fight Night Champion Demo Impressions (RunDLC)

Some of us have never been in a fistfight, and after playing Fight Night Champion, we hope to keep it that way. EA Sports never shies away from showing the brutality of boxing, as the previous Fight Nights feature lots of blood and body damage, but this game takes the violence to a whole other level. We just plowed through the demo, and with each fight, someone was seriously messed up, to the point of not being able to see while blood gushed in tributaries down the poor sap’s face. In other words, we loved every bone-pulverizing minute.

Chris Buffa (RunDLC)

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Burning_Finger3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

EA are making up from the past failures. Kudos to them.

badboy8083790d ago


Is all I can say

slate913790d ago

Yeah I was a little lost on that comment too. All other fight nights never disappointed? Well, since you have 1 bubble I guess we wont get a reply.

Shazz3790d ago

day 1 for me i fecking love the demo

Kazu0 Hirai3790d ago

fight night 4 was great but this is a HUGE improvement. so much faster, more fluid, and more realistic. this is gonna be a great game, can't wait to knock ppl out online!

vegetassj513790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

it was pretty kool, but i felt it lagged to much on the punches, to many times when i tried to block and my guy was still throwing his punchs

Smootherkuzz3790d ago

I tried the demo and I have wait and see the finished game because the demo looked washed out,the punches are geared to the right stick when you use buttons the right stick gets in the way when using buttons and you find yourself trying to use both at the same time.The buttons seem to lag behind the stick in speed when trying to throw punches.The CPU fighter seems to be on point all the time which don't leave you hardy any openings for attack without taking a punch and when you do get in your punches seems weak even with the modifier and the other fighter he just keeps on comin bloody face and closed eyes and all.where is the power and health meters?the stamima only meter don't give enough info of how much damage you causing to the other fighter during the round.Without being able to set your own settings in the demo really gives a poor showing of what this game could be,it seems that the demo is set to one of the hardest setings.The punches make a weird sound on contact like your barely striking the other fighter, its just sounds strange.Online the person I was fightning was just whaling away with the same punch and it didn't seem to slow his fighter or weakin him and between rounds he gained more juice then my fighter this goes against how ea said this game is supposed to work, waz up with that?I see a few patches coming for the version to fix some things but this nothing new its the sign of the times.Over all the demo is weak and don't compare to the FN4(easier controls,better meters,looked better,smoother,just better then this demo)Lets wait for the completed game when we should have better control "I hope".