Keeping it Real: For the Love of Handheld Games

From the article:

"A few months ago I purchased my first cell phone, a Sony Ericsson X10, since 2003. My previous phone was a cheap Motorola flip phone that had two functions: Send text messages or make phone calls. For someone like my father who is not very technologically savvy, I would say this was more than enough, because he would never text anyway (at least I don’t think he would). However, for someone like me, well… I was really feeling behind the times, what with everyone talking about how fun Angry Birds is and what apps they are currently using."

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rrquinta3795d ago

Interesting read. I do play more games on my iphone/iPad, but most of them are the pick-up-and-play type of things - like Drop7, which I am insanely addicted to. Still, when it comes to something like an RPG, I generally prefer the buttons and convenience of my DS or PSP.

thragar3795d ago

I wish my DS could make phone calls, but even though it doesn't the better games are on the DS so...

Stealth20k3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

wow an article that doesnt kiss sucky mobile gamings ass.


When dedicated handheld gaming isnt number 1 in every region then get back to me.

When dedicated handheld market share hasnt doubled, then get back to me.