Gameplay Video: Modern Combat Domination - Sandstorm Killer

PI writes, "Today I find my way back to the Modern Combat Domination FPS released recently exclusively for PlayStation 3 (with Move support). In this video you'll see my first attempts at the Domination mode a while back when I was playing the title for review. As you can see the mode takes a little getting used to, as the controls have a somewhat fresh and uncommon feel to them, but once you get into the groove you're in for a really fun experience."

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Hitman07693793d ago

Quite a solid game, not the best ever but better than a lot of them.

Dart893793d ago

Hell i still think it's btr than Call of Dooty.

Hayabusawoman133793d ago

still cool action packed looking game if you ask me

-Mezzo-3793d ago

I still haven't bought this game, not sure if i should buy it, some people love it, some people hate the very mention of it.

InTheLab3793d ago

Look at 4:25. He clearly had the upperhand there. He spawned right on top of the guy and sunk 3 rounds into him before getting shot once with a pistol and dying. That's really the only thing that pisses me off in this game. That happens way too often.

Other than that, it really is a solid game and you can't beat that price.

Also, it's usually a good idea to use the MP5 with body armor or a helmet. You start out with just enough money to do so..

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