Of Course There's A Limited Edition Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Arcade FightStick

Every major Capcom fighting game release since Street Fighter IV has seen a super sexy Tournament Edition Arcade FightStick from Mad Catz, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is no exception.

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guitar_nerd_233794d ago

i picked up the sf4 tourny stick for 80quid a few months ago and while i still suck at sf4 a lot, it does feel very very nice and happily takes all my frustrated beatings

Capdastaro3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Unless it has Sanwa parts, I ain't touching it

Baka-akaB3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

every tournament edition comes with sanwa parts . Still might as well pick another TE or Hori a bit cheaper .

Not worth the extra cost for mvc sticker art

Phoenixxx_Blaze3793d ago

Sanwa parts are good but they really dont make or break the deal. Hori would have been fine too. How often do you see people put abuse into their control to the level of a japanese arcade. hori parts are pretty reliable too.

Fatal Blow3793d ago

It looks the same as my round 2 te stick might get it cause i need another stick for friends cause i only have one at the moment

femshep3793d ago

MVC3 arcade stick =cool
being made by madcatz = no sale

sorry madcatz but until you can make somethign that won't break after an hour of playing or headphones that are comfy with good audio i shall never buy again

Phoenixxx_Blaze3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Your comment shows you have never even tried one of these mad catz sticks. I have 3 arcade sticks right now. One is a hori stick for tekken 6, the other two are sf4 tournament edition sticks. Guess what, the mad catz are good quality. If you abuse a control to where it doesnt last a hour, you need to find a better hobby.
Also, unlike former mad catz of the past, these are liscenced by ms n sony. Even the tatsunoko ones. My street fighter stick has made it two years under the average playtime of 8hrs a week. Since 2009.
Edit. They also have made rock band equipment too if im not mistaken

femshep3793d ago

well i have never abused any of my eguipment, never gotten red ring or yellow light and ive had both since launch of course i have upgraded but the old systems i gave to friends and they still work....i have ocd so nothing gets beaten around
madcatz dosnt put quality into anything so they can make more money fixing your stuff or someone re buying there stuff

Phoenixxx_Blaze3792d ago

Like i said, these are not up to the "old mad catz" quality that was widely noted years ago. These sticks are used in evo. By the tournament players. They are officially liscenced. By capcom/sony/ms and even nintendo supported the one released for tatsunoko. Mad catz was not supported in the past or endorsed. Which goes back to what i said, you obviously never used one let alone own one. Mad catz even warranties their product. Ask any person here who plays fighting games with a stick. And as far as you not getting ylod/rrod, that doesnt even matter here. Neither have i. But we arent talking about systems here. We are discussing fight sticks.