Interview: Fight Night Champion Producer Talks Kinect, Legendary Fighters, DLC & Rocky Balboa

"TGL took EA’s latest brawler for a test and sat down for a chat with Producer Mike Mahar to talk about the game’s Champion mode, legendary fighters, motion controllers and why getting Rocky Balboa on the game’s roster isn’t an impossibility.

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Tony-Red-Grave2815d ago

rocky in a boxing game :O thats freggin win no doubt he should be i loved the movies. but which rocky are they using

SwilloTGL2815d ago

Cant wait for the demo tomorrow

IRetrouk2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

downloaded demo today, with code i got 3 days ago from game for preordering, dont know if i like it, they messed with the controls again,

@ disagree, lol whats wrong need a picture? they messed with the controlls and the gameplay is slower, its not my fault just the truth.

btk2814d ago

"but I don’t know that right now our consumers are necessarily in good enough shape to throw punches for two minutes straight for ten rounds, so that’s probably the single biggest hurdle to get us moving right into the Kinect or the Move. "

Horse shit. You either can or can not implement motion controls. Luckily I have The Fight. If EA don't add Move controls then they can shove this game where the sun don't shine.