Journey: 3 Hours to Finish

TSA Writes:
As you might know, we’ve dispatched Alex to the far-flung corners of the globe on a mission to check out PlayStation 3 titles that aren’t released yet. Alright, its only London but that’s far enough when you have to share a berth on the overnight train with someone else’s feet.

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Lirky2818d ago

Flower it took around the same time to finish thatgamecompany can manage to make amazing games that have a short story Some companies tried this but the game didnt include content or replay value.

gamer20102818d ago

Still, you have to admit that is a short Journey. ;)

Seriously though, it looks unique and interesting.

ComboBreaker2818d ago

"...the communications we’re receiving back... are expressions like 'It’s amazing', 'Mindblowing'...

So it seems that regardless of length... the experience will be another amazing one..."

itsralf2818d ago

Acceptable for a DLC title.
Especially considering Modern Warfare 2 and RE5 took about three hours to beat...

stuntman_mike2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

you completed RE5 in 3 hours, you must of had cheats enabled lol. it took me that long to get thru the first few levels. (i was battling with the controls at the time.)

DFresh2818d ago

I think he was exaggerating.

BkaY2818d ago

beat it under 3 hrs and you get infinite rocket launcher ... tht was the first thing i did... it was easy to hit the plat after that


itsralf2818d ago

Actually, to get an S on every level you have to beat it in a certain amount of time. Most levels are like 5-15 minutes. Add them up and it's under three hours. Very easy to do, even without infinite ammo.

TANUKI2818d ago

Since I like to take my time to explore and try to find any "treasure" that is tucked away, my total play time may be double that. Still, that's quite good.

UNCyrus2818d ago

The whole point is that "single player is a tiny portion of the entire experience". Sure the single player might only take that long in a speed-run, but that's not the bread and butter of the game. Overall, this is a very misleading headline. I'm disappointed, TSA.

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The story is too old to be commented.