Ubisoft proposing "Kinect versions of all the brands we've got"

Ubisoft have told MCV that they are considering Kinect versions for all of their brands.

"We will be bringing some of the industry’s most innovative offerings to Kinect soon,” said chief marketing and sales officer Geoffroy Sardin.

“I think we can propose Kinect versions of all the brands that we’ve got, but it is down to the production team. I can’t announce anything, but we will have something for everyone, that I can assure you.”

Ubisoft have already had huge success with Kinect. They are the most successful third party publisher on Kinect, with over 20% market share with their trio of launch games Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Motion Sports and Fighters Uncaged. Their next announced game, Michael Jackson: The Experience, launches in April.

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mac_attack3791d ago

Nothing for the sony fanbois to latch on to hate about here? I'm disappointed. Michael Phelps must have worn you out.

Anyway, looking forward to what you've got Ubi! Yourshape was and is awesome, use it almost everyday. I know youve got the taste of kinect cash in your mouth for producing a blockbuster game so I know you'll give us another.