Skyward Sword, new window but still hazy

The POW Block says: "Nintendo appears to take great pleasure in keeping their release dates obscure. At E3 2010, they claimed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword would see an early 2011 release. It's early 2011 and with no release in sight Nintendo has decided to provide a new window. Skyward Sword will release in 2011 some time after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D."

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NosoleeToxin3921d ago

I can't wait for either of these games!

Andrew Wiggin3921d ago

I'm finding my own feelings for skyward sword draining. However, my favorite game, re-textured and up-rezzed? Yes, please.

OneSneakyMofo3920d ago

Have they fixed the 1 to 1 motion with the sword yet? I'm not going to buy this game if it plays like it did at E3 2010.

BryanBegins3920d ago

@OneSneakyMofo: Dude, of course it has been fixed. There was a problem during the conference because of wireless interference, that's all. The game has always worked great. You can read the previews.

Hitster3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I agree with Nintendo's push. Currently I don't have enough money to purchase everything I want. If everything comes out at the same time I will probably miss something I wanted. I just wish they would say, "We have too much good shit to put out so we are spacing it. Have a good day!"

Caseydilla3921d ago

Originally, Skyward Sword was set to come out in November 2010. I bet my co-worker it wouldn't come out then, and now look.
I'm just not going to get excited for the game or reserve it until I know when it is actually going to come out.
Nintendo, I love you, but this whole, "Oh yeah this game is coming out then!" and then "LOL JK Wait another year," is kind of annoying.
At least it will for sure be a good game.

NosoleeToxin3921d ago

That's why they don't like giving dates, because they can change.

Caseydilla3921d ago point was that they always DO give dates...

And companies NEED to decide on a concrete date eventually.

Andrew Wiggin3921d ago

Dates can change, but so do relative time frames. Why not just say it will come out sometime in a year, but when it's ready. We want it to be done, but we want it to be good, so it may be pushed.

Of course if you're going to push something, only do it once please.

Redempteur3920d ago

Zelda games must be out when they are done .

Anything less than awesome and everyone will cry for no reason ... so let them finish their game

3920d ago
eagle213920d ago

it's pretty obvious i'm excited for both games.......this year is the 25th Anniversary for The Legend Of Zelda. I expect a pretty package with golden wii motion plus if fall is the new window. :)

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