Insomniac: We're Not Developing For NGP

NowGamer: Despite being almost as powerful as a PS3, and with a third-party dev working on a Resistance game, Insomniac isn't developing for the NGP...

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Raendom3795d ago

Yeah, Nihilistic probably are? They need to focus on their next IPs (after R3 and RnC)

InactiveUser3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Sucks for handheld owners, but good news for console owners I guess. I'd still like to see MGS: Peace Walker, among other handheld games on the home console. It sucks having PSP exclusives that could have been done better on the PS3. Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, Resistance: Retribution, some of the MGSs, etc.

Blaine3795d ago

Well Sony had to throw the PSP a few bones! Without the games you mention the PSP's library would have been much weaker. Besides, I'm pretty sure they're going to be NGP-compatible, so that'll increase the launch-library for that portable.

I never got a PSP myself, but I'm definitely getting a NGP, so I'm glad the games you mentioned are on PSP. (Provided they'll actually be NPG compatible, of course!)

captain-obvious3795d ago

they got alot of things in their hands to develop foe the NGP

Pixelated_Army3795d ago

Booooo! Insomniac what the fuck!!! NGP support now... and I do mean right now!

ABizzel13795d ago

I don't think they worked on PSP, didn't Sony Bend make Resistance Retribution and the Ratchet and Clank games. Most PS3 devs. don't work on their franchises handheld version, it's Sony Bend and High Impact Games that make them.

badz1493795d ago

beat me to it. Insomniac has never made any game for the PSP before

InactiveUser3795d ago

Intelligent post by ABizzel1. Recommend some bubbles for him.

And just a head's up.. there's a Resistance NGP forum now on, so I'm assuming it'll be the same deal. A Resistance game, but probably not from Insomniac.

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pain777pas3795d ago

They never made a PSP game and neithe did ND, SA, SD...etc... This is not suprising. Their plate is full anyway.

omek3795d ago

focus on the ea title

Flashwave_UK3795d ago

wtf bro are you one of the guys who ask for ps3 games on a ds. ea title wat???

jimmins3795d ago

Insomniac are working on an unannounced multiplat with EA

dragonyght3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

its understandable i mean they got Res3 rachet and a multiplatform title

nevin13795d ago

Did they even support PSP1?

Etseix3795d ago

[email protected]

apparently ur getting disagrees from people who are sure of it.

zoks3103795d ago

I have faith in the companies that Sony uses to deliver or make their 1st party portable titles (IP's). So far many of Sony's first party portable companies have done a great job, God Of War and the last Resistance was some of the best potable games ever made.

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