Turn off your consoles!

James Joell-Ireland from writes "One of the most powerful tools in achieving these aims are through suppressing public outrage by distraction, one of those distractions are TV but the other is a much more powerful, a much more immersive distraction, a distraction myself have battled to deal with – video games. We live in a society where we work ten hours a day and are pummelled senseless with advertising and we are told that rich and fame are the two cornerstones of which we should strive for in our lives. These ideologies further serve the financial backing for the big conglomerate companies to carry on their malicious work."

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gamesR4fun2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Yeh time to tune out n4g and tune into whats what.
Think about this Egypt is the pinicle of our current financial model their gdp went thru the roof when the same big corps that are running thing there started implementing their "reforms" like "free trade" "privatization" fraudulent banking policies etc...
So while the gdp went up the standard of living crumbled like it is here. Look at the wikileaks to see what the governments of the world did behind our backs to aid in our cumulative rape. Bailouts and outright theft have left our pantries bare.
Hate and fear is all the mainstream news is pushing in the usa especially. The fact is that they are afraid of a truly free Eglypt because they know how contagious it is.
So ya turn off your console and lets go make this government accountable.