A Sandy Bridge too far?

No PC gamer worth their salt would use onboard GFX so why market it at them? The only place I see the ‘Sandy Bridge’ being good and onboard GFX being useful is on laptops and tablet PCs.

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moe843792d ago

For gaming yeah. Unless you have a small budget for whatever reason, and can't/won't spend the extra dollar on a video card. Hell, most on board chip sets these days can run a lot of the games out there just fine. Coupled with a few gigs of memory and a good(cheap) processor like the 2600k and you're set.
A large part of building a computer is the options you have before you. Pay a few extra dollars(or save a few depending on what board you want)and get that mobo with on board video. When your budget frees up a little, get that nice video card. It's great when you don't have a lot of cash on hand when building a new computer(or upgrading).

ATiElite3791d ago

The main reason for Sandy-Bridge on die gpu is to enhance the cpu by way of off loading heavy task such as video encoding to the on die gpu while still being able to multi-task on your PC like nothing was going on.

No Enthusiast gamer relies on an IGP (or even one GPU) for graphics. Sandy-bridge is one hell of a chip that is faster and more efficient than a $1000 Core i7 980 in a lot of applications. It has pushed productivity, lowered watts, and made possible Ray tracing in gaming.

Unfortunately the mobos were bad so I'm gonna over clock the hell out of mine before I send it all back :) Might wait for Ivy-Bridge if it gets here before BF3.