Killzone 3: Too Many Cutscenes?

Captainstarball recently learned Killzone 3 has over 70 minutes of cutscenes. Is that too much? After all, the cutscenes from Killzone 2 were clearly not the best part of the game.

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M-Easy3795d ago

Lame as hell. Have you seen the cutscenes yet? The ones they showed are amazing. The "author" obviously never played kizzy 2. And 70mins is nothing. MGS4 had single cutscenes that lasted longer. All out fail.

HappyGaming3795d ago

MGS4... I remember loving the cutscenes as much as the gameplay. If not more although the gameplay was awesome too.

--------3795d ago

That was one of my favorite things about MGS4. They did it right, and I'm willing to bet GG will too.

darthv723795d ago

I understand their need to link the gameplay from one area to another. The ideal length should only be a few minutes.

I have MGS4 and have not really dedicated my time to it but I hear it has some of the longest cinematics of any game in gaming history. I know that was a running joke with MGS2 having been more of movie with little breaks of gameplay.

KZ3 will NOT be in that same category. There is just to much to blow up.

Downtown boogey3795d ago

Lol @ Jmorgan... Like KZ and MGS have anything in common...
No doubt there won't be too much video in KZ3. What FPS has too many cutscenes anyway??

And yeah, there was about 10 hours of video in MGS4.

CernaML3795d ago

Offtopic: Just a heads up, it's only a matter of time before some ass munch comes here and spams N4G with Killzone 3 spoilers. The release date is very close so we should be aware of this.

BattleAxe3795d ago

I love cutscenes, because without cutscenes you lose alot of the character building and story telling. Its for this reason that after I beat HL2, I couldn't figure out why people thought the story telling was the best of all time......there was no story telling.

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Abash3795d ago

The only time I see a article on N4G is to try to downplay Killzone 3

That site should be blacklisted from here honestly

M-Easy3795d ago

You know you can down rate the site to try to get it banned from the site. Just click UNDER read full story where it says " +" For story quality click WTF & for do you like this site click NO!

Sarcasm3795d ago

WOW... 70 whole minutes of cutscenes!?!??!?!?!?!? OMG, they might as well have made it a movie!!!


This folks, is the reason why the games industry is a joke. Or at least the wannabe journalist side of it.

RBLAZE19883795d ago

It's funny, first everyone said killzone 2's story sucked and was boring and the characters were dull. Now they give more cutscenes to flesh out the story and characters better and there are people bitching about the cutscenes. I really hate how everyone on the planet can have a blog and an opinion now. It's not a good thing.

Clarence3795d ago

I agree. I actually enjoyed KZ2 cut cutscens.

DoomeDx3795d ago

I agree. The cutscenes after the New Sun level especially.

(KZ2 Spoilers)
The part where you, natko, and rico just got out of the New Sun, and are sitting on the Intruder (ISA Plane), and you see the New Sun crash in the background, and they are all like ''Wow!'' was just epic!

Strikepackage Bravo3795d ago

No surprise, this is just typical Sony, throw together a interactive movie and try to pass it off as a game, everyone goes crazy for the cuttscene CGI graphics and the game gets celebrated for looking "amazing".

If MS ever tried such a stunt they would NEVER get away with it, they would be called douche bags for trying to charge full price for a game thats mostly movie. It wouldn't matter even if the game was 30 hours long, if it was reported that it had 70minutes of cutt scenes and it was a 360 exclusive everyone would cry foul.

Nykamari3795d ago

Stop it Bravo! Don't come in here with that sob story, I MS were doing it, you would've thought Jesus made their games! Stop being a little fangirl and become a gamer! On a side note most of SONY's exclusives have brilliant and long cut scenes, and that goes back to the psx days bro!

LiL T3795d ago

@smallpackage bravo, If MS tried something like this they might have too make a new IP or have a game with a great story that keeps you intrested. I guess that would not happen because they know most of the xbox community couldn't comprehend such things.

antz11043795d ago


"smallpackage" :D

+Bubs brother

cyborg69713795d ago

Like the dvd in the 360 is capable of holding 70 min of cut scenes and gameplay at the same time. Sheesh.

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beavis4play3795d ago

M-easy, lame isn't a strong enough word. he's talking cutscenes and story of KZ and only references the 2nd game? the guy who wrote this trash is a fuc#king bonehead. the story and cutscenes in the 1st game were great- with the helghan invasion (or recolonization?)of veckta being the main story. the 2nd game was more about getting visari and defeating helghan......and they did get visari but the ending was definitely not what the ISA wanted. now, the 3rd is about ISA survivors trying to fight their way off of helghan - and we also get to see the helghan high command in the throes of civil war in the wake of visaris death! (and i'm hoping #3 ends with the fight getting ready to head back to veckta....lots of locales there i'd like to see in HD. captainstarBOOB obviously isn't as big a fan as he says he is and is looking for site hits.

and having ray winstone and malcolm mcdowell doing voiceovers for the helghan leaders is AWESOME! i can't wait to sit back on the 22nd and take the whole game in!

sobekflakmonkey3795d ago

Agreed, saying cut-scenes are a bad thing is just fuckn retarded, especially when it seems this time around they have nailed it.

I'm actually quite hyped for the cut-scenes, im really looking forward to it.

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Dart893795d ago

I could careless i just wanna play it.

Octo13795d ago

As long as you can skip them then who care. The games is not even out yet and stupid articles like this are already out. Whats next? Killzone 3:Is having the Move and DS3 as options to play it too much? *shakes head*

beavis4play3795d ago

why would you skip the cutscenes? unless you're talking about subsequent playthroughs.....then i understand.

Octo13795d ago

My point is if in fact there are long cut scenes but you have the option to skip them then who cares? Why skip the cut scenes? Some people just don't give a shit about the story and some don't.I won't be skipping them.

the worst3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

HERE'S SOME GAMEPLAY http://theplaystationshow.c... JUDGE IT YOURSELF

Kon3795d ago

Relax man. It's just a game.

gamestorecowgirl3795d ago

Whoever is playing that game must have just finished COD or something. The cover mechanic is there for a reason. Thanks for posting it though. Game looks great even in a low quality vid

the worst3795d ago

lol your right
try 2 at like rambo .
this game wont let you
by time i got to the end
i was sliding into cover
and taking my time

InfiniteJustice3795d ago

This is ridiculous. Not trying to sound paranoid, but people are really trying to pick holes in Killzone 3 even before it's released.

redsquad3795d ago

Happened with KZ2, so I'd say "yes"