Sony Prepares For It’s Kinect Moment, PlayStation Move Coming The PC

Looks like Sony is a bit jealous at the attention Microsoft’s Kinect has been getting lately, so the company will show plans for its “Move Server project that will make it possible for academics and hobbyists to develop software using the PlayStation Move controller on their own PCs.”

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Kurisu2907d ago

Why? Just focus on getting more Move content out on PS3.

sleepy32907d ago

Because they want to expand the audience? DUH

Will be good for people that want motion controls but don't want to make the 300 dollar plunge to get the ps3 as well.

distorted_reality2907d ago

But there are better options out there already.....

Seems like a pretty pointless move by Sony imo.

Kurisu2907d ago

You could have left out the DUH, there was no need for that.

I see where you're coming from, though. But Sony should really push Move more for PS3 before they expand.

blumatt2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

I think it could attract more PC owners to buy a PS3. They might buy a Move bundle and play some PC games Then they might decide to get a PS3 to use the Move with all the wonderful first party Move-compatible exclusives. It looks like Sony is going to expand the PlayStation brand by allowing Move controllers to be used with PC and via PlayStation Suite where people can play select PS games on Android and other mobile platforms. Sony has been making some very smart decisions as of late.

@ FatOldMan. Yeah but I guess even if the market potential is small on PC, very little bit helps. LoL

@AKA. Yeah that's true too. The Move's value proposition is higher if you can use it on more than one device.

@BlackPanther25. Thanks man. At least you admit that Move could be a good look for PC.

Ducky2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

^ Would be kinda hard to get Move popular for PC gaming when a mouse is more practical in most cases. It might work for those that have their PCs hooked in their living rooms, perhaps.

Motion Controls are still a gimmick as far as gaming goes. Kinect only flew on PC because it was being hacked for other purposes.

Edit: @Blackpanther
Yea, it'd be cool, but I don't see myself playing anything serious, especially not in front of a monitor.
Oblivion would probably need some sort of mod for Move support too, which may or may not happen.

blackpanther252907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

@Fatoldman: I do agree kinect is being hacked for other reasons but wouldn't Oblivion IV with move controls be kool.

I mean sports champions plays like oblivion but with move controls

Edit: lol agree the only way im playing it is if I can output the video to my tv.....can't be doing all that crap infront of a monitor (more of a mmo player myself)

Bigpappy2907d ago

Its a good business Move to try and get more traction with Move, and may be get some orinal ideas from those relance hackers. I think kinect will still dominate the attention with hackers, because of the unique way if senses depth to created 3D effect and such. Kinect has open a huge play ground for hackers.

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DJMarty2907d ago

Helps find dev talent and idea's

Then ports too the PS3 no doubt:D

AKA2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Simple know i can use my MOVE in PC or PS3, know the value of it is bigger.

Plus SONY knows that a lot of PC gamers have a ps3 and it will be a big plus for them, again more value for the MOVE and they can use it for their pc and PS3.

A WIN WIN situation and a smart MOVE...

KingME2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

blah blah blah, once again Sony following someone else. All they do is copy ideas of others.

Boody-Bandit2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

blah, blah, blah, once again KingMe spinning.

Sony marches to their own drummer and follows no one. Everything they do was planned years before it happens.

klado2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

If the idea DOES function, why not follow the trend?

Logic fail KingME...logic fail.

Microsoft Fallowed Nintendo and sony with a CONSOLE...
Sony fallowed Nintendo with a HANDHELD.
Motorola, HTC, blablabla, fallowed Apple with SMARTPHONES...

livinwitbias2907d ago

@Klado, if I ever seen failed logic you just showed it with the logic used in your comment was it. And by the way it's FOLLOW not FALLOW.

Sony can be so Full of shit at times, that their eyes should be brown.

"Rumble is so last gen" Then comes the dualshock 3.

"3D is not good on handhelds" after trying to tell the world that 3D is the future of gaming.

Until now, Sony made no mention of Move being made for the PC, then suddenly now they are copying MS' Kinect path. YEAH I SAID IT!

Kingme has a good point, and you know it. Sony does tend to copy a lot of things. The funny thing is you guys are quick to point out when MS does it with your "MS has no originality BS". But when Sony does it it's totally okay.

@BrutallyHonest, Sony may march to their own drummer, but it's pretty clear that you march to that EXACT same drummer! Your comment almost sound like you are working in Sony's research and development department, but your comment is too stupid for that to be the case now isn't it.

Boody-Bandit2906d ago

@above "livinindenial"
I work for Sony because I merely spoke the truth? Sorry but I don't take multiple account trolls seriously (which is what both you and kingme are. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that you are one in the same) but thanks for the chuckle.

My XBL and PSN information is under my profile. Check for yourself which console I play far more than the other. I just keep it real. It's obvious you can't handle honesty.

dredgewalker2902d ago


You made the mistake of accusing Brutallyhonest of being pro Sony. I've seen his comments and it's nowhere near trolling nor being biased. He's already been through 4 360's so I think your accusation is unfair.

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siliticx2907d ago

I, for one, welcome my new boxee remote control ;)

xAlmostPro2907d ago

i doubt its jealousy.. probably more to do with the whole expanding thing they plan on doing including playstation suite etc.

Plus they're providing tools.. kinect is just being hacked on the PC right? although microsoft dont mind, they aren't going out of there way to allow and support it.

killcycle2902d ago

They know people with mod the controller to work with the pc so they probably thought that they might aswell do it before the hackers do.

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Fallouts2907d ago

well that came out of no where..

klado2907d ago

Any first person shooter, adventure, action, sports + Move > Kinect

The idea is simple.

Shadow_DR22907d ago

Even if it is to attract attention, this may lead to finding good Indie Developers to hire to create some interesting Indie Move games. Considering that Sony does hire them of course but only time can tell what will result from this.

MysticStrummer2907d ago

Kinect moment? I hope not. Move has far more potential. I understand expanding your market, just don't waste that potential.

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