Opinion: Sony’s on-demand drive

The download-only era of games may be closer than ever, but today retail has one key advantage: the High Street is still the first stop for all new releases.

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Xfanboy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

It's inevitable! imho if they can charge $60 bucks for a downloaded game that's more profit! MW2 is still $60 on steam for some reason..

@DFresh easy they do it simply because they want to do it!!

just_looken3795d ago

hey mw2 downtown is still expensive. Also the downside to a download full game service is that it requires the avg person to have a high speed internet access with high download speeds and a high bandwidth cap but only usa and few other places offer this so the avg person cannot get this service.

DFresh3795d ago

One thing though I don't understand is that why are some games even when their digital copies still cost $50-$60.

Come on now.

You don't have to spend the extra money to make game manuals, game discs, game cases, and box art.

So, why in hell are some games on Steam, PSN, and XBL costing $60?

That's something I don't fucking understand.

I thought going digital would save us gamers money not make us pay the same if we were going to buy it on retail.
(Hell if it wasn't for those Steam sales people on PC would of paid full retail just like console gamers.)

Please someone explain that crap to me.


just_looken3795d ago

its called servers instead of paying for the case your paying for server upkeep also pc games are $40 console $60.

DFresh3795d ago

Alright I guess that makes sense.
Thanks for clarifying that to me.

mightyboot3795d ago

The games on-demand should be cheaper than the physical copies.

darthv723795d ago

at least match the drop in prices when retail sales deem a reduction is needed.

Sometimes I will find a digital version on sale. Picked up KZ liberation for $10 as well as dante inferno. I dl both to my psp where as the physical ones still go for a bit more at gamestop.

just_looken3795d ago

$5 re1 for psp that game has more content than dead space 2.

DA_SHREDDER3795d ago

I just wanna know when they are bringing all of these proucts including ps2 games to the psn. This is a long time waiting for these ports. Sony needs to understand that their ps2 library doesn't need hd remakes and can stand alone as regular downloaded software. Just upscale them, gesh.

klado3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Heh, havent you been reading the latest? how hard is to bring a psp game to digital format? for the licensing, and so for ps1 games as well? with expiring licensing? how would ps2 games change in that respect?

That sir, gonna take time, but have at mind that coming next year as sony launch the psp2 and pssuite, we will be having these ps2 gems up and beating.

Btw, they remake these games to avoid problems like what i stated up there, so in short it is publisher decition to make their copyrighted games available or not and notsony fault.

Example...square enix.

Dan503795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I hope Sony still allows the creation of other region accounts in the age or DD so if your country censors video games you can download it from a non censoring country.