id's John Carmack already researching next gen of graphics

id Software’s engine-programming legend John Carmack has already spent a year or so researching for the next generation of videogame graphics.

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DA_SHREDDER2815d ago

the dude is just like me and you, except the evil genius part. Carmack can and will fuck you up.

evrfighter2815d ago

he also won 2 emmy awards :)

Valves more likely to deliver next-gen before Carmack can.

ikkokucrisis2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )


Yea, but I heard Carmack went back to working on videogames because Chuck Norris told him to...

meetajhu2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

He is my guru. He is my role model!

MNicholas2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Hasn't done anything impressive in over 10 years.

Talk about milking it!

mephixto2815d ago Show
AKA2815d ago

RAGE is not out jet and is already outdated, it does looks good but KILLZONE 2/3, UNCHARTED 2/3,Crysis and few others are better and looks better, not talking about how good the game or gameplay is.

He should focus more on making fast and good this next time, so he can actually amaze the community.

haters will disagree with what i just say, w/e

damnyouretall2815d ago

dude the tech 5 engine can do unlimited textures without hitting the preformance. looks just as good as anything else and will run at 60 fps. i fuckin disagree.

AKA2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

last time i saw the e3 videos i saw a lot of blurry spots, i id look good from mid or far away but once they got close to a wall or etc it looks blurry , dont hate on me and go and wach the videos, i want good games and im getting RAGE but the hype on the graphics are fake.

I understand that fanboys are goign to hate on me but they should not because i will be supporting the game they love, unless something goes worng with the gameplay wich i dont think it will.

But carmack said this and tha means 0, they all tlak to much i want to see proves, KILLZONE 2 show prove to everyone and say to everyone in your face losers!!!! to all the haters

geodood2815d ago

I think AKA means *on consoles*
KZ3 does NOT look better than Crysis1/2 or Rage (on PC) however it does look better than Crysis 2 or Rage (on consoles) but that's obvious, really isn't it?
Exclusive development vs. multiplatform development
Console game vs. PC game

Unfair comparisons

Persistantthug2815d ago

Yes, I'm aware of id's legendary history....I owned Shareware Doom on 3.5s.

But I'm just getting a bit fed up with so much talk of id when they haven't made a truly GREAT GAME since the 90's....because Doom 3 wasn't Great....Good, but not great.

Anyways...I want to see less talk and more show because its 2011 and they still haven't delivered yet.

ABizzel12815d ago

This is crazy. He JUST released a new engine that's capable of being used for the next gen already. And now he's researching how to make an even better engine. That's a professional ladies and gentlemen.

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Stealth20k2815d ago

that will cost 100 million just to make 1 game? Ill wait

Xfanboy2815d ago

somebody will slap a gtx 595 in his hand?

KillerPwned2815d ago

He still needs to release games for this gen!

theonlylolking2815d ago

He should just let other companies make game engines instead of him. Rage does not look graphically impressive but for 60fps it looks great.

Lets see what he can do next gen. Hopefully better than this gen.

tdrules2815d ago

without Carmack making engines 70% of the gaming industry wouldn't exist

AKA2815d ago

70%? any proves? nerd, i bet you will 5&/' his very had..

plus i bet they are e\just crappy game

tdrules2815d ago

did you post that with a controller?

chak_2815d ago

you have no idea who is carmack do you?

That guy just the engine's god since forever.

theonlylolking2815d ago

back then he was but not any more

WhiteNoise2815d ago


Given that 50% of the engines on the market use either his code, and even more still use rendering techniques he helped pioneer...he still is the engine god.

He invents new graphical features, other devs just use them. There are not many people like carmack pushing things ahead. Lok at other 1 new graphical feature that they have invented for their engines * birds chrip*. All console developers are doing now is implementing more effects as they can squeeze more out of them, but nothing new is brought to the table until carmack presents it.

Zinc2815d ago

I'm really not sure if you are being serious.

I have to say, just the screenshots of this game look impressive. I can't wait to see it in motion on my own monitor. I have never seen a sky look that good in a game in my life. I have never seen rock formations look that realistic and organic... down to the strata. The techniques that they are using/creating/refining are some of the best I have ever seen.

Someone has to innovate. Someone has to lead the way. If it wasn't Carmack, it would have been someone else, but it has and continues to be Carmack. People can shit all over him, but it is what it is. He is responsible for advancements in 3D rendering and memory/pipeline management that are used in every modern engine today. Do you even realize that? Killzone, Uncharted, Crysis and the Unreal Engine owe much of their success in some way to what Carmack has done.

Honestly, there just isn’t enough appreciation for history or respect for contributions made in the world.

Convas2815d ago

I'm not sure why anyone pays attention to LOL King. It's been known now for ages that he's a rabid graphics whore.

One of those kiddies who's only interested in pretty pictures.

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