What to expect from Half Life 2: Episode 3/Half Life 3

GB: "It has been too long since the rabid fans of Valve's flagship FPS franchise have had their, rather patient, appetites satiated. With the last expansion for Half Life 2 getting released back in 2007, Valve have left us out in the cold for a little too long."

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Kran3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

It would be great if Valve announced Half-Life [Episode 3]/[3] this year, in a year where there are many "third" sequels for games. Announcing it at "E3" would be great too. Half-Life E3 ;p

@Rashid Sayed

The only other games that could be shown at E3 from Valve instead of Half-Life 3 would be:

- Left 4 Dead 3
- DotA 2
- Possible new franchise

gameseveryday3794d ago

I Think after Portal 2, Valve has no games to hide. I am pretty much sure that we are going to see Half Life 2: Episode 3/Half Life 3 or L4D3 announced by them. Fingers crossed though :|

tacosRcool3794d ago

I think they will announce it when they announce a source engine 2.

DRiX3794d ago

I thought there wasn't going to be a second Source Engine. Instead, it's going to be continuously improved with each release. :S

IaMs123794d ago

Ill be damned if Valve announces L4D3 before Half Life 3. I would be pissed :(

distorted_reality3794d ago

I was pissed enough that L4D2 was announced first lol.

DoTA will be shown at E3, Ep3 would be nice but isn't gonna happen in my books. I've been anticipating it each and every bloody time, and it hasn't happened, so maybe if I convince myself it won't happen, it will lol.

jaidek3794d ago

yeah, at this point please just skip Episode 3 and include the story in Half Life 3. Their experiment in episodic gaming didn't go too well for Valve. But that is what happens when there isn't a firm deadline and they operate on the "it's done when it's done" mentality. Let's just hope Half Life doesn't turn into a Duke Nukem Forever scenario...taking FOREVER.

cyborg3794d ago

you hear these guys, why don't you announce it goddamnit? You want to see me naked before you do that? Well, I'm all ours, just announce it you fat bastard.

halocursed3794d ago

Will the game be a success? Without a doubt, Valve has yet to let its fans down. They put out quality games both in technical terms and storyline as well.

Kon3794d ago

Expect to see first trailers of EP3 in 2015

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The story is too old to be commented.