GameStop's New Aggressive Trade-in Promo

The one stop shop that takes your games and gives you a bit of shame, is making up for an all the times they gave you too little in store credit;

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BobbyMcCOOL4912d ago

they should give these credit prices all the time

The Matrix4912d ago

Gave up on gamestop a long time ago. Amazon ftw.

FrankenLife4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

Between Steam and Amazon, I never have to go into that terrible store. There is nothing enjoyable about going into Gamestop.

Also, why is this in the PC section? You can't trade in PC games, and they don't sell used PC games?

AAACE54911d ago

Wow, people are still complaining about getting ripped off by gamestop!

If someone goes and pays $15,000 for a car. Keeps it for a year or two and decides to trade it in and the dealer offers them $6,500 for it... Did they get ripped off?

Well, it happens everyday! And the dealership turns right back around and tries to sell it for $11,000.

I have said countless times that Gamestop and other used stores are places to get rid of garbage games! Games that you just don't care about anymore. If you go there to trade in good games that you like... then you should feel like a sucker!

More importantly, you can back out of the deal at anytime! Take your sh*t up there to trade, ask how much for each, take back the ones you don't wanna trade! Or take them all back. It's as simple as that!

Grow some balls and speak up instead of standing there like a fuckin idiot looking stupid and complaining about it later!

DuneBuggy4911d ago

"If someone goes and pays $15,000 for a car. Keeps it for a year or two and decides to trade it in and the dealer offers them $6,500 for it... Did they get ripped off?"

Maybe not if someone put 70k miles on it in the last 2 years,hit every pothole made,needs tires,is loaded with door dings,and has a mystery fluid leak.
But hey, lets just blaim the dealer instead ;)

But your point is valid, no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to make a decision on any purchase.

ChrisGTR14911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

the diffrence here is that gamestop buys the game from you for 25$ then turns around and places it on sale for 54.99 the very same day.

smoothdude4911d ago

What I hate about Gamestop is that they sell you games that have already been opened. Once you open it, it is not new anymore. My wife tried to return a new game once, and they offered to refund her the used game value or $17.

I hate that store. BTW Gamefly is the best place for used games as they are much cheaper than Amazon.

maruyuki4911d ago


you guys don't get it. the reason why that analogy does not make any sense what so ever is because video games are not cars

there is absolutely no deteriorating value on a game besides how long its been out since the release date.

you buy a car and use it for a month, that's a month of everyday use. that's a month of a risks by abuse on the engine, the breaks, the interior, the doors, everything! and thats what the dealer has to take into account. its not fucking new.

when you buy a videogame and you play it for a month, ITS THE SAME EXACT QUALITY. there might be a small scratch. but scratches dont do shit to cds anymore unless your 360 carved its name into it.


it does not make sense to half the value of a product which whose quality does not differentiate over time.

Hitman07694911d ago


lol @ 360 carved it's name into it.

my dreamcast peed its name in snow once... good times : )

Kurt Russell4911d ago

"there is absolutely no deteriorating value on a game besides how long its been out since the release date. "

I think you're missing their point. Don't get hung up on their analogy on cars the underlying point is it is up to you whether you make the trade or not. If you think it is unfair walk away.

Darkfocus4911d ago

best trade values around...you pay a dollar for them to set up the trade and then you trade betgween people so you can basically get 1/1 trade values...

AAACE54911d ago

Yeah, but what you fail to realize is that unlike buying a house or jewelry, almost everything else you buy loses value once you open it or drive it off the lot!

Game stop prices their stuff that way because some of the games they buy will probably never be sold again until they hit the $10 mark. The games that do sell are the ones that make up for those losses.

Some of you younger gamers might not remember, but there used to be lots of game retailers. Most have went out of business because they tried to give us what we wanted. Some of the others just merged with Gamestop.

I don't like some of their practices myself, but they have to be doing something right if they are still around!

RedSky4911d ago

It's simple.

A fool and his money are easily parted.

No one is making anyone pay anything, they're going to what is essentially a pawn shop and getting ripped off because THEY didn't do their research.

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DaTruth4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

Does this include EBGames? Whenever I buy something there, the bag says GameStop on it too!

I thought maybe they were owned by the same company!

At the end of every generation I end up with a huge pile of games because I'd rather keep them than get ripped off $5 and watch them sell my game for $45!

@Below: Thanks and bubbles!

The Matrix4912d ago

They are the same company basically.

playboi284911d ago

Yes, EBGames was bought out by Gamestop a long time ago. Gamestop also owns Babbages (which I've seen for the first time in like 10 years in SC).

ZombieAssassin4911d ago

Yep Gamestop bought out all it's competition in the US...and to the guy who saw a Babbages WHOAAA i haven't seen one of those since FF8 or 9 came out.

Kurt Russell4911d ago

Which means they're in the UK too, as EB bought out GAME a long time ago (10 years or so).

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BeOneWithTheGun4911d ago

I read this while on my phone standing in gamestop and i asked the clerk about it. She said it ended a few days ago lol.

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vgcgames4912d ago

that's a good deal, 45 for Dead Space 2 on trade

joydestroy4912d ago

that's towards any pre-owned products, though.
i'd still rather sell through amazon like i've been doing for the past few years. get about the same in this instance, except i can spend the money on whatever i want.

sorry, i don't support gamestop and i never will.

antz11044912d ago

Agreed, Gamestop is a last resort. I recently noticed how good most of the trade in values are at Amazon as well and use them whenever I can.

JeffGUNZ4912d ago

try http://www.goozex.com

You can get real credit for games.

antz11044912d ago

Goozex is ok but I find that they're too based on demand. A game you have could be sitting there for a while with no takers.

Ch1d0r14912d ago

You can get a better return on craigslist, fuck gamestop.

jimbone794911d ago

@ joy
You can use that credit to by new products. It does not have to go to a used game.

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DA_SHREDDER4912d ago

vgcgames, that sounds like a terrible deal. Giving up Dead Space 2 for $??? What else would you be playing besides that? Unless its DCU or COD at the time.