Zoo Entertainment Launches indiePub Mobile

PI writes, "Citing the rise in popularity for the indie game movement and the growing mobile market, Zoo Entertainment is launching indiePub Mobile! indiePub Mobile is a platform for fresh developers to independently get their games released on the iOS and Android markets. The following titles are already planned for release through the indiePub division of Zoo Entertainment: Fractal, Blocks: The Devilish Delivery Game, Paper Venture, Totem Destroyer Deluxe and Cargo Delivery.

Check out this excerpt from the Full Press Release..."

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fromasterjay3795d ago

Ya they do! thats where all the talent is!

BkaY3795d ago

offtopic : thts my warhawk clan tag.... ZOO!


Hayabusawoman133795d ago

I think this is a good opportunity for developers... plus it gives us gamers a new set of games to play... I like it

BobbyMcCOOL3795d ago

very nice we need to see more of them.