The 25 Coolest LittleBigPlanet2 Levels So Far

If you don't have time to make awesome levels in LittleBigPlanet 2, don't stress - tons of other people have got your back. Here's 25 of the must-play levels that have hit for the game so far.

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Lirky2815d ago

I'm glad some sorta mod/copywright thingy may of been lifted since how u can remake zelda games etc. Even the music

ugabugaz2815d ago

They all look delicious...Mmmmmm. The gamer in me is hungry.

Acquiescence2815d ago

Keep playing that one over and over again, love it.

Vherostar2815d ago

Just shows why its the GOTY already for 2011 with levels like portal it shows it can do everything as long as your imagination allows it.

Cenobia2815d ago

wtf? How is that DogFight level even possible?

Shadow Flare2815d ago

The plane isn't flying into the screen, it's on 1 layer flying across the screen, and the camera has been tilted to cockpit level so you can see right across the other side of the level. It gives the illusion of flying into the screen. In fact the plane probably isn't moving at all, the level probably has a sequencer emitting stuff towards your face to give the effect of flying. However he did it, the end result is genius

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