PS3 Firmware 3.56 Reloaded Version Available

Sony released a new (reloaded) version of the PS3 firmware 3.56. Rumor is that the problem with respect to the hard disk replacement will be remedied.

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MajestieBeast2817d ago

Now with new and improved hacker douchebag detector.

cakeisalie2817d ago

This is the reason i dont game on console too much control from the maker. They wont win the war anyways, it will be another PSP, hackers will always find a way to crack it.

Ranshak2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Its like when devs put DRM on a game, Genuine buyers suffer while pirates enjoy the game.

Genuine buyers have to suffer with update after update, some of these updates even mess up certain systems until a fix is released.


Windows updates are not annoying by anymeans, People can update whenever they choose too, its not like you cant play online if you dont update. Lol you can even leave an update to download while you are playing a game or surfing the web, once its done the updates will install when you are shutting the system down.

just_looken2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

hackers never did hack the ps3 if they didn't have dev kits/keys they would still be trying to figure out the ps3.

at Ranshak you should not use a windows os if you dislike updates just use 360 1 update a year hackers sense 2007.

darthv722817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

to blow the hackers away lol.

yeah, that was lame.

pompeymassive2817d ago

But surely its a good thing that Sony are trying to stop the hackers!! I mean my friend was playing on MW2 the other day and said there was lasers coming down from the sky, people running through walls, all sorts of weird shit happening!! Whats the point in playing a game that isnt the same as when it was released!!?
These games are ruined now, I think its great that Sony are trying to stop these idiots!!

Neko_Mega2817d ago

MW2 is mostly mod save files, Boarderlands you can mod your file and pretty much make you character god.

I mod my Boarderland charater to hold 2,000 items in her backpack, I only did that for Boarderlands because it doesn't effect others online like MW2.

Mr Tretton2816d ago

"This is the reason i dont game on console too much control from the maker"

ahem, I assume that means you game on PC, where hacking never happens and users have no control?

Stealth bot detected.

RedSky2816d ago

@Mr Tretton

No, you fail at comprehension.

He games on PC where you can ban anyone from your server who is seen cheating, instantly, whenever you want without waiting for the grand overseer to do it for you.

Oh and nobody can invalidate your hard drive.

nickjkl2816d ago

so uh i guess you hate computers to much control from to many companys

feeding you securtiy updates and stuff

RedSky2816d ago

You don't know what 'control' means do you?

Be honest.

paintsville2816d ago

"Mandatory" updates LOL. More and more and more and more.

zeeshan2816d ago

Frankly, this is getting annoying now!

theEnemy2816d ago

This is the reason I game on console, the control is in the developers/publisher. They always win the war anyways, it won't be another PSP, hackers will always find a way to crack it, and Sony will always find a way to block it.

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FinalSpartan2817d ago

wait another 3.56 firmware? I have to download & install once again?

I don't even know what this is....

Xbox 360 Updates are fast and simple. PS3 updates are pain in the ass..along with game updates.

ComboBreaker2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

"Xbox 360 Updates are fast and simple. PS3 updates are pain in the ass..."

Well, then I guess you must really be butt-hurt then.

CrawFail2816d ago

upgrade your internet connection?

The update took me literally 2 minutes to download and a minute to install.

kopicha2816d ago

nonsense... both are the same. I dont see any differences on game/firmware updates for both my ps3 and 360. if its mean to be big they will be slower, if small they will be faster. both console works the same way. unless your 360 is "special". if not you are just another xbot trying to pretend a ps3 owner and troll the thread.

catguykyou2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Sony caps the bandwidth for system and game updates. One of the benefits of signing up for PS plus is you get uncapped updates
This is why the updates on the PS3 are slower.

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sam22362817d ago

"" ;


EYEamNUMBER12817d ago

never its gonna be just like the psp

you will get used to it

Redempteur2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

the race only just started ...

yep i know .. that's sad ...

juggulator2816d ago

First Sony goes after Hotz and crew and the judge rules in Sony's favor.

Then Hotz and crew have to turn over their hacking gear and stop distribution of the root keys.

Next Sony sends cease notices to other mirror sites that were distributing the code and the sites comply.

Finally Sony releases new version of FW 3.56 to bar hackers.

So I'm not so convinced that it'll never end. Otherwise some of these things wouldn't have happened.

xplosneer2816d ago


I don't want this to return to PSP levels as it seems like suddenly no work is being put into new features for the people that abide by the rules.

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RedRedSuitSDF2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

i think with all the PS3 and PC players of COD that want to sue for an "unfinished product", claiming the game was not complete, and all they do is patch it.... i think we need that group to do this for the PSN also. i mean update after update after update...... it's seems like an "unfinished product"

achira... none of them are "required" to play games. it's not mandatory to be online to play a ps3.

achira2817d ago

you should read the text bevore you comment. its not required to update.

bluwulf2817d ago

Its not mandatory to play online. This one.

WharenPeace2817d ago

It's generally encouraged that you first read an article, before you comment on it. Commenting on a subject, in which you're ignorant of its content generally leads to embarrassing and awkward moments.

Highlife2817d ago

I don't mind the updates. If you want to go back to the old systems that when you buy it the system never changed and it was what it was. Now well you can look forward to new improvements.

stephmhishot2817d ago

Difference is, the ps3 works just at what its supposed to do. Sony is not patching the PS3 in order to make sure it still can play a movie or play a game every other month. It is patching the PS3 because of the acts of hackers, aka trying to protect their true customers.

RevXM2816d ago

It works, except the browser that shit needs a total makeover or better, the ps3 could have Opera or Chrome.

And Trophy sync should be faster or automatic in the background.
Comparing them is slow too.
And a simplified faster ingame menu would be great.
And Skype... Ingame.
Proper GIF image support and MKV support.

that would be one heck of an update...

Go Sony, teabag them cheaters and pirates, but dont forget about good useful updates and features.

stephmhishot2816d ago

Maybe if these hackers weren't wasting their time, Sony could get around to that stuff. These guys think they are doing everyone a favor, but outside of a small percentage of gamers, no one has any interest in this stuff. We're much more interested in the stuff you mentioned.

insomnium22816d ago

OMG rev an update like that would make me jizz in my pants. One can always dream.....

redsquad2817d ago

Don't confuse "unfinished" with "evolving"... unless you're a PS3 downer of course (perish the thought)

ComboBreaker2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Games like Gears on the 360 are incomplete. So they must be constantly patched to complete it.

The PS3, on the other hand, is already completed. Firmware updates are only for adding totally new features to the PS3. (Yes, blocking hackers IS a feature.)

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Burning_Finger2817d ago

Don't mess with Sony MFs. :)