Rocksteady: Arkham City “five times bigger” than Arkham Asylum

Gamersmint: In an interview with Gamespot, Sefton Hill, head of Rocksteady Studios has stated that the locale footprint of Arkham City is “five times bigger” than the Island on which Arkham Asylum is located. But the developers aren’t doing it “just for the sake of it” and have ensured that it ain’t just GTA with Batman.

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The Meerkat2868d ago

I'm guessing it will be 2 discs on the 360 then

Ahasverus2868d ago

For a Sandbox? I don't think so.
I'm yet to see the first UE game in 2 discs

StanLee2868d ago

Uh . . . does that mean 5 times as much back tracking?

BiggCMan2868d ago

@Ahasverus: Mass Effect 2 uses two discs, just to let you know.

Ahasverus2868d ago

Yep you are right, my bad =/

Backtracking in AA was great because the asylum as different the second time

PimpHandHappy2868d ago

no need for that.. We all know it.. lets start using what WE have as PS3 freaks

btw my last comment
i love when great multiplats are not needed for my gaming needs because i am being flooded with exclusives


theonlylolking2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Thats exactly what I thought. How can a game be 5 times bigger w/ compression that the first game which took up all the space on the xbox 360 dvd disc?


That still takes up disc space.

Pozzle2868d ago

Rocksteady's talking about the size of the game's location (Arkham City, as opposed to Arkham Island), not the size of the actual game itself.

Biggest2868d ago

In the words of the currently fishing Bart Scott:


PimpHandHappy2868d ago

my backlog will be huge soon enough and this game will be at the top of the list along with Dead Space

i still think the 1st one was the coolest game besides Red Dead last year and maybe one of the coolest this gen... Thanks to the Joker battle rooms :-)

schlanz2868d ago

AA was a 2009 game. GotY ed came out last year though, iirc.

Can't wait for this game... among countless others releasing this year.

DevilsOwn2868d ago

The first game was perfect. Cant wait to see how they are gonna top in.

gameseveryday2868d ago

Is this thing bigger than the Panau Islan in Just Cause 2? if that is the case I am first in line.

Kon2868d ago

Wow man, that would be not cool. JC2 had 400mi² of terrain. I don't want to be bigger than this.

hassi942868d ago

No, definitely not, Arkham asylum was barely a 100th of Panau's size.

Ahasverus2868d ago

Panau is like the 10th biggest terrain ever, but the difference with AC is that Panau had a lot of unuseful (but beautiful) empty natural terrain, Arkham Island is supposedly as detailed as Arkham, and it's the most detailed game location ever

KeezNah2868d ago

But will we finally be able to unlock... the bat nipples?

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The story is too old to be commented.