Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 23

Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 23 has just been released by Gaming They spend a lot of time talking about the news for KH 3D and Birth by Sleep 2. Here is how they describe the show:

"Re: Coded is here and the gang sits down to give their initial thoughts. Lauren, Darryl, Churro, and Melissa also wade their way through all of the new information that Nomura has provided on KH 3D (or rather Kingdom Hearts 3D 3D) in addition to the announcement of KH Birth by Sleep 2! Join the group as they then go through a bunch of questions like should KH have an anime series, what happened behind the Door to Darkness, and what they want in KH3! There is a lot of info and discussion to make this a great show; don’t miss out!"

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mephman3793d ago

Man, a ton of news this episode. Really didn't expect BBS Volume 2.

Whitefox7893793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Kingdom hearts tells me to connect the pieces though, with every game that comes out there's more pieces to add to this puzzle.

rezzah3793d ago

Its not like the previous puzzles are not solved though, they just add new pieces.

dabri53793d ago

I'm just tired of all the side stories. There is only so much depth you can add to the already deep story plots presented within the first two games. After a while it cheapens what is already there.
They need to just come out with KH3 and continue things.

tweex3793d ago

I tend to agree. I love when franchises will use side projects to fill in the gaps in the story, but this just seems unnecessary. 2 new KH games are scheduled to come out before KH3, and that's assuming that they are even working on KH3 right now...