New Chimera type revealed for Resistance 3, New footage tonight

Insomniac’s confirmed that the EU PS Blog will be revealing new footage for both Resistance 3 and PS Move Heroes: All 4 One tonight. They have also posted a sample GIF giving you a taste of what’s to come.

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cyborg3791d ago

damn time we got to see more of it

Christopher3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

[Wow, totally wrong news article, sorry]

InactiveUser3791d ago

Damn that was brutal.. it looks and moves like a gorilla.. and is it a suicide bomber too?

Idk about the suicide bomber ending, but the rest looked like it could be a good addition. I'm guessing it's a boss fight since it's sort of like a Titan, but has a lot more mobility.

MintBerryCrunch3791d ago

im guessing this is the video

DA_SHREDDER3791d ago

I hope its nothing like part 2.

Calm Down Sunshine3791d ago

Too right.

Too many people defend Resistance 2 simply because it's by Insomniac, who previously had only ever made top notch games.
The flaws are too great and too many to gloss over in Resistance 2.

Resistance 1 was outstanding, Resistance 2 sucked... Here's to hoping Resistance 3 tops the first.

SSKILLZ3791d ago

No! . 2 was sick ! It felt more block buster but It was still awesome, people bitch to much, oh and that sweet ass cliffhanger . Can't wait for part 3.

gameseveryday3791d ago

Resistance 3, RC and A Multiplatform game...I am 100% sure!

anthraxCZ3791d ago

i am 100% sure that there will be no multiplatform game, sadly

DFresh3791d ago

Your probably right.

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The story is too old to be commented.