Sucker Punch Wants inFamous 2 Graphics to Beat Uncharted 2

SCEE is showing off a bunch of its PS3 exclusives to an elite crew of journalists today - and SPOnG's there too. They got the chance to speak with Sucker Punch's Ken Schram - the man behind the legendarily great inFamous and looking-good-now inFamous 2.

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DA_SHREDDER3794d ago

do it do it do it do it. ahahahahha!

LORD-PHOENIX3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

great to see devs wanting to do the best they can

sony have the best devs in the industry not just due to the games they create but the family atmosphere and their will to outdo each other.

if an open world game can match or surpass uncharted 2s graphics then that will be some accomplishment

Krypto3794d ago

PS3 devs rock!! I can't wait to play all these games this year... Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Infamous 2...I know there's more but these 3 I WANT NOW!!!!!!

ravinash3794d ago

Uncharted 2 graphics in an open world game....I'd love to see that.

blitz06233794d ago

PS3 exclusive trying to best another = win for PS3 owners. Hope they pull it off or at least match U2. I'd love to see lightning powers with awesome graphics

metsgaming3794d ago

its great to see that they are shooting for something great, but from the pics ive seen its not even close even though it looks good.

N4WAH3794d ago

I hope Sucker Punch pulls it off and then Uncharted 3 eclipses Infamous 2 when it's released. PS3 consumers call that a win-win.

ComboBreaker3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

inFamous 2 does look really really good. Hard to tell if it beats Uncharted 2. Gonna have to play the full game first.

BattleAxe3794d ago

I'm kind of interested in this game, but I beat the first one once, and I couldn't do the second playthrough. The first game was just missing something and it felt bland to me.

nveenio3794d ago

What's funny is that they could have added some QA to inFamous 1, and I'd be happy.

Pixelated_Army3794d ago

Can you imagine an open world game with UC2/3 graphics? GTFO that would be dope! :D

ExplosionSauce3793d ago

As long as the game looks good(which it does; it looks great) then it should be fine. Of course, there's always more room for improvement.

nickjkl3791d ago

werent sucker punch aiming for 60 frames per second

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Pixel_Enemy3794d ago

inFamous2 graphics beat Uncharted2! Then here comes Uncharted 3 ;)

ksense3794d ago

then comes infamous 3 and the cycle repeats :P

well infamous might be done after the 3rd but yea

hamburger1233794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

No first Killzone 3 then Uncharted 3 :)

Sevir043794d ago

I dont care who beats who! this year it's infamous 2, resistance 3, uncharted 3, killzone 3. some of the most prolific and popular games ever grace ps3 in its best year ever from it's star Devs its a Win for us

Peppino73794d ago

That would be a great feat but I don't think its gonna happen. 2 totally different environments. It already does look better than Infamous tho. Good luck.

Pixel_Enemy3794d ago

Sucker Punch got some help from Naughty Dog with the development of inFamous2. It really does look and respond a lot like Uncharted 2. I think they can do it.

bluwulf3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I think they are capable. Infamous slightly put to rest the myth of console Sandbox = compromised visuals. With 2, The character models are high res, the textures & surfaces are great, the world is dense with people/things. Animation is superb, Particle fx & post processing. So they are pushing that even further.

I thought the Infamous 2 screens were bullshots until seeing the hd gameplay. Its a definite jump from Infamous1.

Just wish they were making Getaway still with this level of scale/visuals, its kinda what we all signed onto this gen for...

fooltheman3794d ago

but the cars seem still to pop in ...but that didn't break the first game either

bluwulf3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

What exactly does cars popping in.. have to do with the level of level detail & balance in the game? Or my comment in general Honest question..

fooltheman3794d ago

just was going to say that everything has improved except the car-pop in... I mean they passed themself with all the rest...why not have attention to the car pop-in...

but as I didn't break the first game

lil Titan3794d ago

This is what i want to see...DEVELOPER WARS im better on PS3, no im better either way we win

DFresh3794d ago

In the end that only gives us gamers better games to play.

masterofpwnage3794d ago

who else is digging this sony dev rivalry to have the best ps3 game graphic.
Thats why it always improveing. IMO if Microsoft had this then, i bet you they can produce better graphics on the 360 to.

Bleucrunch3794d ago

I hope they can do it because Naughty Dog is not playing with their game...This is a day one purchase for me either way.

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norman293794d ago

well everyone knows how damn good Uncharted 2 looks and if these 2 Devs go head to head trying to beat each other in the graphics department it can only mean good things for PS3 owners and their HD tele's

remanutd553794d ago

why not mention God of War 3 , i seriously think God of War 3 is the best looking game on the system thus far

itsralf3794d ago


I just hope Sucker Punch keeps the comic-book style art that the first game had.

multipayer3794d ago

It is silly to compare Infamous to a linear game that is highly optimized for ps3, much less a linear fixed camera game like God of War 3. Sucker Punch is kidding themselves.

Klepto3794d ago

GOW3 does not have a fixed camera in the traditional sense. I remember reading the devs explaining it, yes you do not have control over the camera but it is constantly adjusting to your position and actions that you rarely feel the need to adjust it manually. Calling it a fixed camera is kind of an insult considering the amount of work that went into making it so good. It doesn't make the graphics any better or worst anyway.

SuperStrokey11233794d ago

why dont we wait and see what the game looks like before judging it.

multipayer3794d ago

Seriously, fixed camera is fixed for a reason, to show more detail at that specific angle and time... Also, say the ps3 was being pushed to 100% of its ability, the graphics would look better in a linear game. Nothing to argue here.

SSKILLZ3794d ago

Kind of sucks that GoW3 got left in the dark

ABizzel13794d ago

I kind of agree. At times god of war is the best looking game (poseidon fight, chronos fight, hades fight, and some others). But when it comes to consistency then it's Uncharted or Killzone. I put GT5 in god of war's category. At its best it is the best, but then you have the standard cars.

jwatt3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Yea God of war 3 is just not consistent enough! From what I've seen, Uncharted 3 is hands down the best looking game on the ps3.

Edit: Infamous 2 does look really good for an open world game, especially with the lighting and destructible environments. If they push it to the end of the year it can really compete with Uncarted and as a big fan of Infamous I hope it does!

NBT913794d ago

Because they do not have to match the best looking Game; just setting themselves an objective if they had said "we want it to beat U2's graphics because it is the best looking PS3 Game" then fair enough, but they didn't. Instead they just want it to beat U2 which is a great looking Game but not the best I think

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mushroomwig3794d ago

I love the competition between the developers, it's a great thing for us consumers.

geodood3794d ago

Sucker Punch: "challenge accepted"

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