The Restructuring of Square Enix - Will It Work?

It should be no surprise that Square Enix has been having it bad as of late. With their disappointment of outside developers with their products to the fact that Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t up to par with gamers as previous to just – simply stated – the epic load of fail that is known as Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix is just losing their hold on. Some other things that may apply to such are the fact that JRPGs, and Japanese games in general, don’t have much of an appeal outside of Japan like they used to.

Still, Square Enix is trying their best to bounce back from the losses they are getting by what seems to be restructuring of their upcoming games as well as making calls towards other systems more so than anything else.

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DA_SHREDDER3794d ago

Get rid of Wada is step one. Step two, stop pissing off your original fanbase with these broken action games with rpg elements. Leave that to western devs. Step three, bring back the original gameplay to FF. Step 4 only applies if they don't follow steps one through three. Shoot yourself in the head squeenix..

Sprudling3793d ago

There is no "original FF gameplay". It has been changed numerous times. Unless you mean the gameplay in FF1, which by today's standards is pretty bad.

darthawesome903793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

"Some other things that may apply to such are the fact that JRPGs, and Japanese games in general, don’t have much of an appeal outside of Japan like they used to."

No. No. No. JRPG's have not lost appeal. The last good JRPG was X. XII was a mixture of JRPG and MMO and XIII was a disgrace to RPG's and JRPG's.

JRPG's decline are due to crappy games not lack of appeal! Just look at Versus XIII, demand for a Final Fantasy VI/VII remake...plenty of appeal there!

Lamarthedancer3793d ago

I think he's means gameplay from FF7,8 and 9


"Just look at Versus XIII, demand for a Final Fantasy VI/VII remake...plenty of appeal there!"

and a FF8/FF9 remake :)

Ryudo3793d ago

"and a FF8/FF9 remake :)"

Please don't remake FF9 I don't think I could suffer the horrible character design in HD....

But 7 and 8 yes please!

kvg883794d ago

Square Enix should have been more ready for this gen then they were, that's for sure.

Also, I don't get it - their handheld games are almost always of a premium quality, why is it that their console game experience is unable to match that quality?

LiL T3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Handhelds- Nintendo, Sony
Consoles- Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3793d ago

Hope so. Just look what it did to Sony.

nickjkl3793d ago

helped there finances

but that has no effect on he amount of work devs put into games

DFresh3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Get rid of Wada would be a great start.

Next listen to what your consumers want.

For starters the following things need to be released.

Line Up:
-FFVII Remake [PS3 Only]
(Fans want it. Give it to them.)

-FFXIII Versus
(Let Nomura finish the damn game and keep it PS3 only.)

-FFXIII-2 (PS3/Xbox 360)
(Improve the exploration/side quests. Expand the story of Lightning some more.)

-Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS3 Only)
(I'm dying here for a next gen Kingdom Hearts game.)

-Final Fantasy: Collection [PS3]
(FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, etc. = Have fans vote on what games they want remade.)

-Chrono Trigger (PS3/Xbox 360)

-Kingdom Hearts: Collection [PS3]
(Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2: Chains of Memories.)

-The Last Story
(Port it w/ HD graphics over to PS3/Xbox 360. PS3 will use PS Move and Xbox 360 will use Kinect.)

Seriously now if Square Enix can release all of these games I mentioned and get rid of Wada they'll be swimming in money and the fans will be happy.
(Everybody wins at this point.)

Newtype3793d ago

Why you gotta fuck with Chrono Trigger? Leave it alone.

DFresh3793d ago

I don't mean a Chrono Trigger remake.
I mean like a next gen Chrono Trigger game.
It could be handheld, console, or PC.
Doesn't matter.

k2d3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I don't want a FFVII remake anymore. Guess it's comes with age....

PS1 era remasters on the otherhand :D :D

DFresh3793d ago

Possibly as a PSN game could work.

kanetheking3793d ago

what you don't want the game to look like this.

k2d3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

@ Dfresh: Word, man! :D

@ kane: Could'nt load you're vid, but anyhow... I've come to terms with that FF7 will never satisfy with re-visioned graphics and voice acting. But a HD-remaster would atleast make it more appealing to coming generations.

KillingAllFanboys3793d ago

The Last Story is owned by Nintendo and it soldout in a day you wont see the game on Ps3 or 360 stop being a graphic nerd and just get a Wii if you want to play it gosh not playing in hd isnt going to hurt you.

DFresh3793d ago

Well then never mind I forgot Last Story is owned by Nintendo.
My fault.
I can always borrow my friend's Wii anytime I want.

Stealth20k3793d ago

Just copy what they do in handheld games because thats where square enix shines

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