Shattered Memories tells me I'm a bad person

Thanks to the wonders of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, I now know I’m actually a neurotic sex pest with a healthy dose of OCD for good measure. I’m used to games sending me tumbling towards the knicker draw for a fresh pair of silks, but this is the first that’s actually made me hate myself whilst playing it to boot. If it isn’t bad enough I’m spending my Friday nights playing a Wii game, now I’ve got to deal with crippling depression once I’m done. Thanks a bunch, Konami.

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Clance2869d ago

This game really messes with my head too, although I was more affected by my inability to colour in a car.

ThanatosDMC2868d ago

HAHAHA! Same here. I didnt actually like this better than than Silent Hill 1. Though finding the aliens was pretty cool. They should do this instead of the usual alien finding in other Silent Hill games.

Jaybop2869d ago

Ah yes, the infamous colouring scene. I spent more time on that than the actual game. Good times...

SeraphimBlade2869d ago

It is interesting the way the game tracks your behavior. But i tried like 4 times at the beginning, and could not get the part where you meet Cybil at the diner first. I always wound up at the sports bar, even when I said I don't drink.

sam22362869d ago

Really?! I'm on my 4th playthrough and I've never gotten into the sports bar.

Maybe the game knows of my love for SH1, lol!

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