Dead Space Movie in the Pipeline?

Visceral Art Director, Ian Milham hints at the possibility of a Dead Space movie.

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M-Easy3791d ago

We don't need a dead space movie, we have Event Horizon. Lets not ruin the franchise with another terrible video game movie.

jony_dols3789d ago

I just watched Pandorum on Blu-ray yesterday,
after hearing really nothing about it.

And it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Great setting, high production values, and decent actors. It has so much more in common with Dead Space than Event Horizon had.

Hell the protagonist (Ben Foster) is even an engineer, trying to repair the space ship while also looking for his missing GF, and at every turn he is pursued and must fend off (using makeshift weaponary) monsters that used to be human .

Sounds familiar?

dinkeldinkse3791d ago

Another shitty movie is welcomed.

IaMs123791d ago

Now that would be an awesome horror movie, just freaking do it right!!!!!

Quagmire3790d ago

Get Ridley Scott on the project, NAO!

CaitSith3790d ago



Zinc3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I feel if they got a real team to work on it, it could be really good. With a property like Dead Space, I feel you would need to get James Cameron on board. He has a proven track record of great scripts and can direct... I mean, he did Alien and The Abyss. If you add in some John Carpenter (The Thing, which I feel Dead Space borrows from already somewhat) you would have a real movie... like a real one that could become very popular and make lots of money (and be worth watching)

But they have to stop putting people with no proven track record on game movies. It's causing a lot of problems. Game movies need good writing and good directing. The acting will come with those first two things. Don't focus on big name actors, find actors that fit.

None of these game movies have had real top talent in the Director's chair...

Many directors are already intrigued by the games industry... the time is now. Isn't Sam Raimi doing Warcraft?