id's John Carmack is no longer interested in Linux

A German site,, has posted an interview with Todd Hollenshead, id Software's CEO, that reveals id Software and John Carmack are no longer as committed to Linux as they once were. The interview also implies that the Windows version of id Software's next game, Rage, will use Direct3D rather than OpenGL. Todd also mentions that id Software has no plan for a Linux version of the id Tech 5, id Software's latest engine.

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ShiftyLookingCow4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Microsoft DirectX team has come a long way from about 15 years back when John Carmack said Direct3D "was a pain in the a$s" to work with(in a petition from many programmers to get MS to withdraw DX and support OpenGL)

[edit] as someone who used hear a lot about OpenGL vs DirectX stuff(though didn't get into it, I bet there are some people here who used to debate that stuff), the significance of Rage partly using DirectX is huge.(in the old days id was always behind GL, devs like Epic and Valve used DX more)

WilliamRLBaker4072d ago

I think its because of the agreesive nature of Microsoft to make DX great, I mean we are on version 10? and openGL is like on what version 3?

ShiftyLookingCow4072d ago

yup OpenGL is version 3 on paper, heard that it implements many similar features from DX10. btw a small number of people(probably incl. nasim) here think OpenGL is open source.

WilliamRLBaker4072d ago

yeah its cause its OPEN gl its not open source, and actually people need to learn that MICROSOFT cofounded the group that did alot of revision to open gl but they left in 2003, and not only that microsoft and SGI created the fahrenheit project set to unify DX and openGL to make a super ordered and amazing graphics API...but that fell through.

mighty_douche4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

wish more people would get behind linux, its much more user friendly than windows, has much much less problems with virus' and most importantly is FREE and keeps you out of M$'s pocket.

edit @ WilliamRLBaker, your obviously a M$ fanboy so i understand why you would argue, the problem for me is that M$ are now so big that they dont even have to try anymore, look at VISTA, its crap, its basically XP in a fancy dress, they can knock out a half assed OS every few years and guaranty hugh sales from it. im not gonna bother trying to argue my point with you, id just like to see someother companies getting some support from developers than M$. if there was more decend competition for them then maybe theyd make some good improvements to their OS's instead of adding a glass effect and some fancy new icons. M$ release their new tech as slow as possible to maximise the amount of money they make, they dont care about their customers only whats in their pockets.

riksweeney4072d ago

Agreed, for me personally there's nothing that I use that requires Windows. I rarely have to use a word processor and in the cases I need to I can just use Open Office which open and saves Word documents with no problems.

WilliamRLBaker4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

linux is.......user friendly? You know I cant stand linux users because they decry the fact that linux is supposedly so amazing that it runs faster then windows, is more secure...ect and now.....user friendly?

you do know if something is better..people tend to use it more right?

do you wanna know the reason why linux is only in like 10% or less of home computers?

BEcause its very user unfriendly, Not all hardware manufacturers support it, not all game devs support it, and people get pissed off when you have 5,000 different distros and no unified distro.

Ubuntu? they are release an distro soon thats supposed to be even better then that distro which became a highly used no Linux has never been user friendly and though its becomming more so in recent distros its still not regular user friendly, you still to this day have to have atleast a higher then average computer knowledge to run linux.

this is FACT
Linux is no where near as user friendly as Windows, its no where near as supported, And really if you make sure to patch your system *just like if you make sure to patch your linux install because they do release security patches for linux last i checked* and you aren't dumb as a brick like a good 80% of computer users are and download and install any thing then windows can be a very secure OS.

I've only gotten 3 viruses in the time i've used windows *since 3.1*
And any hacking done againest me was purely web based and not system based *I.E one of my msn user groups was social hacked because they joined using my girlfriends name...ect*

P.S: I should add that my current version of XP has crashed on me ONCE since I first installed it and that was only because I messed with some settings in the registry and services area because I like to mess with my installs so they run with the least ammount of processes running *currently have it down to like 10 services running*

I NEED to add this, I run linux, I have a seperate install on this computer, as well I use linux to run my music,video, picture server on my home network, Becuase I have an old lil AMD 1.4ghz computer with pretty much no gpu, sound card...ect its a slow lil beasty that cant do crap with most current games...ect But I did put a lil 10 gig hard drive in it install linux distro *ubuntu now* and have it running 4 SATA hard drives *for a net gig of like 600 gigs* *200, 200, 200, 200 al in raid 0* with all my music, pictures...ect on them.

So dont go thinking I hate linux, But I see reality for reality.

SonySoldiers4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

We're getting sick of this PC & 360 gamers being monopolized by M$

Well.. Sony has BIGGER plans to convert those hundreds of millions of gamers for the Playstation 3 soon.

Sony is the future of gaming, trust us!