Gameplay Video Black Ops First Strike - Ascension Power On Zombies Footage in HD

Call of Duty: Black Ops' first Map Pack is heading towards the Xbox 360 soon and today TheGamerXperience has brought us the first look at what it's like to finally get that power on in the Ascension map during Zombies mode. In this map the scene will remain black and white (aside from the hud of course) until the power is flipped on. As expected in a COD Zombies match there are plenty of demonic enemies to decimate and some one eventually has to die! Zombies man, like, way cool.

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Hitman07692816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Looks cool but I'm not sure if I'd buy COD map packs (haven't ever). I don't want to encourage the most expensive map packs in the world (per sq. foot of virtual map) to get more expensive.


1200 in USA >_>


just got the codes from activision and downloaded the package. i wouldnt pay 1600 for the pack but atleast i get to try em out

thealmighty12816d ago

I agree, wait for it to go on sale folks.

fromasterjay2816d ago

not sure im 100% on these map packs...the MP is so bad