Epic New Killzone 3 Footage Emerged

Watch new footage of Killzone 3. The game's out in late february.

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stonecold32820d ago

why does it metion wii on tab for when its not on the wii. its exclusive to the ps3?

Pixel_Enemy2820d ago ShowReplies(4)
HolyOrangeCows2820d ago

In soviet Russia, zone kill you!

ATiElite2819d ago

Looks like they had to get a Russian website to host the video that way Sony wouldn't force them to take it down.

DualConsoleOwner2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

idk why Sony wants to hide it. they should've known that this much awesomeness will be leaked to places like Russia.

Either way, another game that shows the superior hardware of PS3.

WhittO2819d ago

K3 looks great but does anyone else think there is TOO much going on in like every screen?
Maybe good when it gets hectic but it seems there's so many effects (like on-screen blood from constant damage/screen shaking/dust&particle effects blowing into your screen etc) going on all of the time, and tbh it can get annoying playing through all of those lol.

Still buying the game though, looks good.

I think R3 will be better for me though.

RedDead2819d ago

why was every melee kill an animated one? Isn't there normal melee?

Legion2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )


Actually I thought the variety of combat on screen was very cinematic.

I did wonder why the outside portion of the screen had somewhat realistic blood compared to the drops in the middle of the screen that reminded me of blood splatter from XIII, looked almost like it was outlined? Just strange is all.

And are they using a different color palette then KZ2? Seems like it has an unusual look for the character models. I thought they were going more realistic visually on KZ3? But I liked the graphics over all.

And to the author of the title. Recommend not using the word Epic when referring to KZ titles... confuses fans. ha Maybe Monumental?

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deafwing2820d ago

OMG more videos ...
must resist temptation to watch ... garrrr

Darkfocus2819d ago

just watch spoilers it's a dev Russian...

deafwing2819d ago

cool thnx ... trying to avoid the media blitz

gamer20102820d ago

The wait is getting harder and harder. Killzone 3 is looking great on all fronts.

kunit22c2819d ago

This is the year of the Big 3
Killzone 3
Uncharted 3
Resistance 3

TheDivine2819d ago

Gears 3
mass effect 3 (i hope)
the last guardian
too many great sequals, cant wait for this get more hyped the more i see

SSKILLZ2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Modern Warfare 3 ! .........oh wait it's the shit every year nevermind .......assassins creed 3 !

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Das_Bastardion2820d ago

mmm seems like the GOTY is going to be a PS3 exclusive this year.... again....

mrcash2820d ago

I hope gears 3 gives it a run for its money I love both series gears a bit more but they are both great.

TooTall192820d ago

I like Killzone better much more than Gears, and I like Gears a little more than Uncharted.

I don't want to watch too many Killzone vids, but they are so tempting!

IcarusOne2819d ago

Looks great.

I've been replaying KZ2 and I kinda wish they had a slightly wider field of view. Sometimes it feels a little narrow. I know this is nitpicking but I wondered if anyone else felt this way.

M-Easy2820d ago

It I could only buy 1 game this year it would be Killzone 3

beavis4play2820d ago

i wouldn't want to have to choose between KZ3, UC3 and resistance 3.

Apone2820d ago

I couldn't realy. it would tear me apart :)

Pixelated_Army2820d ago

^^^ XD

oh so sexy gameplay.

Resistance 3 PlayStation Experience trailer

beavis4play2820d ago

Gawdl3y - sorry about that - left it out.

JamieLeeC932820d ago

If i really had to choose, i'd choose Uncharted :)

gamer20102820d ago

Yeah but honestly who would want to choose? All of these games are awesome.

ivant2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Resistance 3 could be GOTY if Insomniac put as much love into the campaign mode, characters, story, dialog, game interface as they do with R&C.

I don't expect Uncharted 3 to be significantly better than U2 unless they add alot of new features to gameplay including fully destructible environments, open world levels, usable vehicles, better physics etc.

the_best_player2819d ago

And Twisted Metal, Infamous 2

Masterchef20072819d ago

that would be extremely difficult. But looks like a PS3 game will win GOTY. I am guessing it will either be Uncharted 3 or Infamous 2

beavis4play2819d ago

masterchef - from what i saw (last night) fromt the 4 minutes of resistance3 footage - that game will be in the mix for GotY too.
i was VERY impressed with what insomniac is doing with that series......

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Bathyj2819d ago

PS3 owner, with a full time job.

I dont have to choose.

TheGameFoxJTV2819d ago

Having a job is nice, no? Being able yo buy whatever you want on any system and any time.

Bathyj2819d ago

Yeah, and I'm not saying that as if "oh look at me, I've got lots of money" but its nice to have that freedom.

Gaming is my main hobby.

Lots of guys I know buy boats and shotguns. My hobbies not that expensive when you look at it like that.

silvacrest2819d ago

RFOM was my very first PS3 game and my very first online multiplayer game and i loved it

Resistance 2 didn't do the series justice so im rooting for R3

for some reason i couldn't get into killzone 2 multiplayer and to a lesser extent uncharted 2 multiplayer so i am really looking forward to R3