Top 10 Kinect Games We'd Like To See

Dealspwn lists the ten most mouth-watering, exciting games yet to be announced on Kinect that we'd all like to see.

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Kran3794d ago

Milo was proved to be fake. Feh.

ChristianGamer3794d ago

So they aren't allowed to want it?

Kran3794d ago

im just saying, meaning microsoft were a little over their heads with kinect/natal

Inside_out3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

@Kran...Not only is Milo real but Peter molyneux demo'd it for Epic games...Hmmmm...try to keep up will you kid, it's old news...take at look for your self...

What's sad is Peter has to explain how it's not really magic to the ignorant fanboys out there who are to dumb to figure it out for them

M$ has ASKED Peter not to make a Milo game. Expect the next Lionhead game to incorporate all the tech seen here. I can see a sims type of game with this type of thing or of course a RPG like Fable.

Kinect is here to stay whether you like it or not. 8 million sold is staggering and even if it didn't sell another unit, that market exist and wants games to play. The Wii is at 85 million and counting.

E3 will have a big Kinect presence with lots of real in game demos of up coming games. Great, if that's something you like...fanboys and haters

anh_duong3794d ago

leisure suit larry.. not for me but some people might appreciate it

NoobJobz3794d ago

I think they will start making FPSs for Kinect but to do so they are going to go against what they have been saying. They say no controllers or peripherals but I would bet money something is gonna come out for the shooting games. Maybe like a MadCatz gun controller or something like that.

Pillville3794d ago

and maybe if the gun controller had a glowing spot on it that would tell the camera exactly where the gun is pointing......

Cenobia3794d ago

Mad Catz will never release anything that gets support from any developers. They will only copy a product that MS releases and make it with cheaper parts.

MS will have to release something in order to get developers behind it.

jimbone793794d ago

Here ya go,
This is from June 2009. They have said since they announced Natal that there would be different kinds of games. No controller, classic just controller, and Hybrid games. They are NOT going against what they said. I don't know why this comes up every time this is mentioned, but it’s just not true. They have said from the very beginning that they would have this type of game. Even if they wouldn't have stated this in the beginning, as long as there are games that are controller free, they are still not contradicting themselves.

Kon3794d ago

Milo was an interesting idea. Maybe in the future we'll see something like this.

Cenobia3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

These are almost all terrible ideas.

Has it even been proven that you can use Kinect as a touch-screen-like interface? If so, then I could see something like Black and White 3 being pretty cool.

Soccer and skating would be very boring and tiresome. There is no way to move in a 3D world with Kinect. I suppose you could run in place, but that isn't fun for anyone. You wouldn't be able to control the players with any type of accuracy, which would put FIFA firmly into the "casual" department. Jumping to manipulate a skateboard would also be boring and tiresome. If people believed that was fun, they would have purchased Tony Hawk Ride.

I don't think MS is stupid enough to shoehorn Kinect into their top franchises. They are not going to destroy their 'hardcore gamer' appeal by turning Fable, Halo, or Gears into a collection of mini-games. I could see some implementation in Fable, but it would have to be side missions and could alienate people without Kinect. I know it would piss me off to walk around a town with people that have "Kinect Capable" written over their head.

I wouldn't be surprised if certain side missions and achievements could only be played/attained with Kinect. Achievement whores and completion-ists would be pretty pissed.

I would put money on they fact that Kinect will only see decent games from independent developers on XBL.

jimbone793794d ago

I would like to see an RPG with the ability to use the Kinect mic to have the conversations with NPC's. Grant it you could use any mic to make this happen, but I think the mics in Kinect are pretty bad ass. To be honest I could come up with a bunch of ideas of how you could use Kinect with a controller to make games a little different (more fun was what I was thinking but it's a matter of opinion so I just said different).

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