Where is UnderGarden; an interview with Antonio Santamaria, Head of Engineering at Vitamin-G Studios

PS3 Attitude writes, "Amid the first person shooters, the platformers, and the action/adventure games on the PS3, so few games stand out as being unique. The UnderGarden is an upcoming exploration and puzzle game by Vitamin G Studios that breaks free from the stereotypes and offers and adventure that is truly different.
We spoke with Antonia Santamaria, the Head of Engineering on The UnderGarden, and he revealed some interesting tidbits about their upcoming title, which is due out later this year on the PSN."

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Danny_D3795d ago

I can honestly say that The Undergarden is not in my pants.

In related news, I can also honestly say that my pants are not being worn right meow. O_o

Looks like a sweet game.

seanoc3794d ago

You filthy bugger. It does look like a sweet game though!