Naughty Dog "Excited To See Uncharted On NGP"

Naughty Dog has told NowGamer that it is "really excited to see Uncharted on NGP" and will work with developer Sony Bend to ensure it's a "great addition to the franchise"...

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Tachyon_Nova2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I wish Sony would give more detail out on these NGP games. Are they going to be completely new or reworked ports? Side stories or prequels?

Still, this thing is looking impressive!

skyward2819d ago

Think it was confirmed it's a completely new game...

Tachyon_Nova2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I'm not just talking uncharted, I'm talking killzone, resistance, LBP, motorstorm etc.

Also, the article is of the opinion that most people reckon it will be a port of an existing game.

Help somebody?

LoVeRSaMa2819d ago

From the looks of what Hideo Kojima was able to do with MGS 4 on the NGP it seems like they are able to port the engine from the PS3 easily which allows them to makie the game enitially then take what they need from the game to make another, perhaps the same game again but portable or sub stories or even whole new games, I am guessing it depends on the developer and they type of game.
If the Unreal engine looks as good as it seems it will be easy for lots of developers to make lots of games for it at low costs, I am pretty excited at this prospect..

FrankMcSpank2819d ago

I think LBP NGP is actually LBP2 cloud ported from PS3. Taking your game on the go if you will. It's a feature that is more than impressive. Kohima talked about doing this.

KZ and Uncharted are sidestories.

a_bro2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

all these games are completely new. except for maybe LBP, which looks like a port of LBP2. and they maybe have their reasons for this, like what FrankMcSpank said.

BattleAxe2819d ago

Even though Bend is a great studio, I'm really glad to see that Naughty Dog is going to be involved in some way.

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TimmyShire2819d ago

It's not Naughty Dog working on it, but it is still Uncharted.

pain777pas2819d ago

Bend and Ready at Dawn are the class of Sony's portable devs. The UC series is in capable hands. The Wipeout dev is also going to be the show stealer if they launch with the system. Sony will do very well with this system. I REALLY like what I read about NGP.

klado2819d ago

Like the guy above says, these two DEVs team are likely to be the better there option is in these kind of portable areas, where as ND fall fit for console as far as development interest goes.

Nor that they can not develop their own game for the ngp, they like console better as far as I know which seem the case with them.

Dark_Charizard2819d ago

We're already getting Uncharted 3 this year on PS3... Can we please get Crash Bandicoot 4 on PSP2, Naughty Dog?

Pretty please :)

sashimi2819d ago

Activision owns the IP...They own spyro too

klado2819d ago

Nah, a good remake for the Jack and daxter series would really really do, I only could finish the first, hoping for something like this down the road, thought it fall more likely to the ps3 as a HD remake.

TimmyShire2819d ago

I'm excited to see Uncharted on the NGP, too.

hamburger1232819d ago

Guess what Im excited too!


Hey i got a question and if u know the answer pls rply..The uncharted on psp2 is it just a port or a different new game?

klado2819d ago

Developed by sony bend, a really good dev team when it comes down of portable platforms, so rest assure this game will be damn good.

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