Call Of Duty: Back Ops First Strike Map Pack Walk Through

From "So the day has finally come for all the folks living in the world of X-Box Live for the soon to be Twitter breaking addition to the Call Of Duty: Multiplayer experience, the First Strike Map Pack. This is the first wave of Map Packs for Black Ops and is priced at 1200 Microsoft Points. It will be available exclusively on X-Box Live for the month of February and is available right now."

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MarcusFenixITA3796d ago

I hope the COD developers will look very close at Killzone 3 to re-think and re-create their whole concept.

NoobJobz3796d ago

Why would you want games that copy each other? All that means is every game would be alike.

MeNoRasta3796d ago

Same reason why the people who got LBP1 and LBP2.

guigsy3796d ago

The COD maps are fine. Killzone 3 isn't even out and yet you're already using it as a benchmark. It could be shite for all you know.

S_C3796d ago

I hope they never do that, colour pallet on that game is hideous

dannybohy3796d ago

PAYING FOr MAP PACKS!! MUGGED!!. How much did you pay for the buggy first edition of the game?!? and now you have to pay for map packs!! lmao!. worlds gone mad!