SSFIV: A Pakistani Player Wins 207 Straight Games

A Super Street Fighter IV player from Pakistan known as MicroNukeX has achieved an impressive feat of winning 207 consecutive SSFIV matches on Xbox Live.

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Mr_Bun2911d ago

No way he did this with the 360s D-pad

Boody-Bandit2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Yes, he would have had used a stick to be that good.
I am not amazing at SF but I'm really good. I have both SFIV and SSFIV for both consoles. I can not play consistantly with a 360 controller no matter how hard I concentrate or how much I practice. The D pad on the 360 is a mess. I do better using the analog stick but that too is a hit or miss for me.

On the PS3 DS2 I can play at nearly the same level that I can on a stick but prefer the 6 button layout of a stick vs 4 face buttons on controllers (hate using shoulder buttons for a fighting game). I have 3 sticks for each console (and growing). I have an illness. I need therapy.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2909d ago

So what he did not break the record of most wins in a row.

gypsygib2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Wow he just made me feel like I suck even more at SSF4, although I picked up a cool combo....question is can I pull it off.

Incipio2909d ago

Does he want a cookie?

JsonHenry2909d ago

Meanwhile his older brother is a successful surgeon with political aspirations.

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The story is too old to be commented.