Sony NGP: Price of PSP2 will be 'attractive', predicts Ubisoft

Ubisoft has predicted that Sony will launch NGP (PSP2) at an "attractive price", and expressed confidence that the device can woo a "huge" market of smartphone gamers.

Speaking exclusively to CVG, Ubisoft's European MD Alain Corre complimented Sony on NGP's "unique offer".

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SnakeMustDie2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

$299-330 for the non-3G SKU. $370 for the 3G ones.

ConanOBrien2816d ago

Need more steroids on tv ads too, so it needs kevin b

LoVeRSaMa2816d ago

What ever the price, I am going to have to buy the 3G SKU, the difference in models will be too great..

Internet almost everywhere Vs Internet only at home.

I think it will loose lots of its connectivity features without 3G and thats one of its biggest selling points for me.

klado2816d ago

If you posess a data plan then yes, the 3G sku is definitely for you, if you don't or are planning to jump android's bandwagon, then it may as well, otherwise, people like myself that doesn't or can't afford such cost should go with the 3G less, simple.

FAI, gamestop listed the price at 300, I believe that will be the price for this beauty.

Blaine2816d ago


Pre-order price means nothing. It's a stand-in until they know the final one. They always say when you pre-order that the price is subject to change until release.

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Masterchef20072816d ago

I really hope that the non 3G versions comes out at 299€ cause 249€ is just wishful thinking

heylo2816d ago

and 400 with 3g and 32GB flash-rom

hot4play2816d ago

You guys think it's possible to use 3G on the NGP with a prepaid account? I don't want to have a data plan just for games...

KING852816d ago

Sony should not price the entry model no more than 300 bucks. They must stay competitive in price with the 3DS. If the cheapest price is 350 which I hope and I am pretty optimistic it won't be; they will be committing suicide with that price. No matter how good the software and hardware, consumers have proved this gen they are not willing to pay an arm and a leg for what is initially considered a gaming device.

DEADEND2816d ago

Everyone who thinks it will be over $350 for the wifi only needs to wakeup. The prices will be $300 for wifi only and $350 for wifi/3G. This is a new Sony and if you think it ends there your wrong the move will transition to the PS4. Give it time and you will see a from the past and a new a Sony with a new competitive nature. They are in it to win it and the mistakes that they made with the PS3 in the past is in the past. Come E3 you will see of course a ton of games for the PS3, a price cut for it and you will see the PSP2 NGP at a $300 price range for the wifi only. Forget what michael pachter and others have to say. You will see with your own eyes.

a_bro2816d ago

they tend to forget, again, that were are not living in the Kuturagi era anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.