PSP2: Is It Really As Powerful As A PS3?

NowGamer: "Reports from the Sony Meeting 2011 suggest that the PSP2 is comparable – in terms of power – to the PS3. But is this just hype or can this actually be true? NowGamer compares the NGP with the PS3 and the Xbox 360 to see if Sony’s new handheld console can compare with the two powerhouses of home console gaming."

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LoVeRSaMa3796d ago

"This is a quad-core processor clocked with speeds of around 1.5GHz. This roughly translates to around 6.0GHz total processing speed."

It ranges from 0.8GHz to 2GHz actually, and quad cores powers are not added together to make a total speed either.

I hate it when people thing they know about processors and power when they don't :P

P.S: go NGP!!! :D

klado3796d ago

True, and lol 6Ghz lol

Yeah right, nor even the ps4 gonna have that or who knows.

Sarcasm3796d ago


OMG, so that means my 3.8ghz quad core is actually 15.2ghz!!!


This article proves why games "journalist" don't know a damn thing about what they're trying to write about. You don't just add up the speed on the cores, it doesn't work that way. For example, an AMD X6 runs at 3.2 ghz, that doesn't mean 3.2ghzX6, that just means 3.2ghz per core. If a program is written to take advantage of one core, then you only have 3.2ghz at its disposal.

With that said though, it gets even more confusing with different architectures from intel to AMD as they cannot be compared clock for clock.

And here we go again with the "ZOMG they say the NGP is going to rival the PS3 in graphics, that must mean you need nuclear to power it!!!"

Again, the NGP is 960x544 resolution and the PS3 is 720p-1080p. Why the hell does nobody in the entire games industry understand that fact???

DaTruth3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I want the PSP2 to be able to produce 720p graphics when lined into the TV! Someone may not care about portable gaming, but just buy the thing to play Uncharted, since these games aren't direct ports! They should be able to play at home on a big screen!

Also, it should have some kind of hardware AA(if such a thing is possible); so all games will have 4xAA no matter how badly the devs suck! At 560p on a big screen, it's gonna need it!

PS: This article is lol-worthy!

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xAlmostPro3796d ago

it's not as powerful! We all know this factually speaking..

But it is insanely powerful for a handheld gaming platform, and i have no doubt that sony and the 1st party developers will produce ps3 quality like titles..

p.s that means overall quality, im not talking uncharted 2 at full specs but the way its developed and published

klado3796d ago

If sony stick with 1GB ram for the final sku, then yes, it will be as powerful as far games;s perfomances and IA we are talking about.

Hope that is the case though.

xAlmostPro3796d ago

Really @ disagrees? you guys are so blind..

Im pro sony but im not going to say its as powerful as a ps3 when it ISN'T lol.

@Klado dude nowhere was it said that this had 1gb ram, where did you pull that little tale from? lol At the most it will have 512mb, not only that having more RAM still wouldn't make it as powerful.. the ps3 has the cell procccessor and a better graphics card for a start.. don't lie to yourself dude.

Don't get me wrong, like i say it will have ps3 quality games.. and the product will be insane, i'll also even be buying it day one(if i have the money spare at release) but it cant and won't run games such as uncharted 2 or killzone 3 at full specs, there for it's not as powerful.

BattleAxe3796d ago

It makes sense though that with a smaller screen and less pixels than the PS3 and 360, that you would need far less resources to get the same results. Not to mention the quicker read speeds from solid state media and if it ends up having around 1 gb of memory.

JsonHenry3796d ago

Obviously we all know it is not as powerful as the PS3.

However, it will probably be the most advanced handheld device to date. At least until Nvidia's Tegra 3 line comes out. And maybe even after that.

skyward3796d ago

If it is as powerful, they might as well just stick TV out on it and discontinue the PS3...

lugia 40003796d ago

Doesn´t work tat way I think, becuase the resolution won´t go up and on the TV it would look really bad.

pain777pas3796d ago

That is the major problem with the PSP1 tv out. PS1 games will get full screen support but psp games retain their aspect ratio. PSP2 will do the same.

BattleAxe3796d ago

Totally agree, I've played some of my PSP games using my PSP component cables, and they usually end up looking like PS1 games at best. When I was playing Socom: Fire Team Bravo on my TV, I was like "ok i guess this is what Socom would have looked like on the PS1".

sashimi3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Its as powerful as the Ps3 due to the fact that it only needs to create a image on a 5" 900x544 resolution screen vs Ps3 on large HDTV. I don't see how people don't get this. THE PSP2 DOES NOT NEED SPECS EQUALING THE PS3 TO BE AS POWERFUL AS THE PS3 SINCE IT IS NOT BEING USED ON LARGE HDTVS INSTEAD A 5" OLED SCREEN. Ps3 quality games on the Psp2 with easier and faster development? I'm sold.

klado3796d ago

Yeah, taking in accounts bits like 3.2GHZ against 2Ghz, nonetheles the difference, we will indeed be seeing games looking as good as uncharted 2 let-alone multplatforms comes its age.

xAlmostPro3796d ago

graphics dont equal the power of a console device.. seriously it's hilarious when people say things like that.

Yes correct it looks as good graphically as it does due to screen size etc. but there are more things involved in power such as proccessors, ram, hardrive speeds etc etc.

dont be blind..

i cant belive me who's lost 2 bubbles for "being a sony fanboy(because i said microsoft paid for homefront timed exclusivity)" is now having to say things like these and recieving disagrees by sony fanboys because i'd rather talk factualy and not pretend like this is as powerful as the PS3..

saying it's not to you fanboys is like in your heads im saying "F*ck this product it sucks" lol.. meh anyway rant over

im still going to enjoy this when it releases no matter what you guys think its capable of or not

SnakeMustDie3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Spec wise, it doesn't. The reason why NGP has the capability to produce PS3-like(In theory, it hasn't been proven yet) graphics is due to a lower resolution backed up with a smaller OLED screen.

Ju3796d ago

Wow! There is so much wrong with that article its not even funny. LOL. Yeah, just lets multiply clock frequency how we like and sounds cool. LOL. And the SGX543MP4+ is the same as in the IPad? LOL. No, 543 single core has a twice as big pipeline as previous models (e.g. in the IPad). A single 543 is twice as fast as the ipad. MP has 4 cores. Do the math. And a fundamental misunderstanding how the cell works. Great job guys. LOL

kneon3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

You left of the "fact" that DVD is faster than BluRay because the blue laser has a lower frequency than red laser.

Not only has he got it backwards, but that is also not a factor in the speed of the drives.

joeorc3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

yea 100% agreement

I mean..slave cores? the SPE are not slave cores..they are fully programmable Processing Cores. the fact that they have 256KB of Local Store on each SPE core they can be programmed to run programs in side the SPE alone.

I take it they did not Heed DR. Hoffstee's warning.

thinking the SPE's are sub processing cores is a big mistake when developing your code to use the Cell.

an multiple GHz of combined core's...HAHAHAHAHAHA

right there I think they were going by talking about if their was individual computer's an it operating as a grid..because they all three use SOC's in their chip design. but [email protected] that's just a disservice to the people reading that an thinking it runs at that speed as a whole. come on that is just plain silly.


yea that's a big one ..have they ever heard of CLV an CAV optical drives?

only on the outer most edge of the disc the data has to be full on he disc for the optical head of the DVD drive to obtain it's upmost speed. when it reads would be only than would it be faster which is why Microsoft uses some of the disc for security an to reduce the Head from reading close from the center of the disc as the further the head is away from the center the faster it will be. but in the case of Blue-ray it's a CLV optical drive its the same speed throughout the speed of the disc.

on average the Speed in the PS3 reads just as fast as the DVD drive that's in the xbox360. fact

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