Awesome Shin Akuma sculpture is complete

Australian Capcom community member Jay has finished his Akuma statue, previously shown as a work in progress.

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Solans Scott2819d ago

Very talented individual.

deafwing2818d ago

yea that looks amazing .. wow :D
I'd buy it for the front door of my home lol
be wary all who enter

hazardman2819d ago

These are great. Will these be available to consumers?

Boody-Bandit2819d ago

*grabs debit card*
How can I order one?

akatsuky672819d ago

owesomeeee!!!! that shin akuma looks badass

JohnnyMann4202819d ago

I respect his abilities, but I am not a fan of Akuma's face. I like how it looks SNKish, but still something looks off. Mainly his face.