GamesRadar - Fight Night Champion Preview - exciting, savage

GamesRadar - We won’t lie. We’re really conflicted when it comes to Fight Night Champion. On one blood-stained glove, it’s arguably the most surprising and thrilling game in the series. And on the other… well, lets just say the boxing is currently more ‘Hulk smash!’ than sweet science. Based on our hands-on with the game at a recent EA event, it’s definitely got all the hallmarks of a champ… just with a bit of chump snuck in there, too.

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GuruStarr783793d ago

Downloading the demo right now.......I think the new career (story) mode is where this game is going to shine, and I doubt that will be in the I'm going to wait until the full release to pass judgement....

I've bought every Knockout Kings and Fight Night game since the first Knockout Kings and I'm more excited about this than any in the series yet......hopefully EA does not let us down.

GuruStarr783793d ago

Analog punching is alot faster.......almost too easy...but I like it....landed a one punch KO on Ali with a signature Tyson Uppercut in my second fight.......SWEet!

Champion Mode.....(the story mode) looks like something out of a Hollywood movie....there's a new trailer for it in the demo, but we won't see the whole thing until launch.....looks awesome.....

Only thing I noticed that seems "off" is during the ringwalk....the audience (which typically is looking at the fighter as he walks towards the ring) looks towards the ring, so it looks kinda cheap.....otherwise, the ref is actually in the ring with you this time, so that part has been improved......


Thanks for your input, going to download now.

-Mezzo-3793d ago

I'd the demo, already out, i didn't knew that.

PSN Store here i come.