Pachter: Nintendo Boxed Itself In, Revolutionary Wii 2 Will Fail

VGChartz - Notably, he goes on to explain Nintendo's current lack of strong third-party support and how that will affect software on their next matter what kind of technology is in place by then.

"Clearly, any of the three console manufacturers can advance the technology to the next level and have facial recognition, have Milo that actually works, that kind of stuff. I mean, they could do it, but do you think any of the third parties are gonna support that?"

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Tommykrem3794d ago

Well, the next Wii is likely not be as big a success, but I still think that if Nintendo can come up with something clever, they should be pretty safe. I mean Nintendo is Nintendo, and they'll at least always have one of the best developers in the world (Nintendo) developing exclusively for them.

Chris3993794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

is that they are systemically and historically so far behind the technological curve, that if another competitor comes along with the same consumer/ family friendly branding, ease of use and slick marketing (see: Apple. MS is trying, but they're just short of the mark) AND trumps them on a technical level (even an Iphone is more powerful than a Wii) things will become a bit more difficult. When you do something, well (the Wii), you open the invitation for others to do one better.

I'm not going to be a doomsayer, because Nintendo have proven through the years that they're as endurable as stone, but this gen for them was a bit of a SNES renaissance (except that was a powerful console for it's time). They're not likely to have it again for a while.

Edit: Patcher does sound a bit QQ though in his quotes. As if he's personally offended that Nintendo didn't follow his advice and put out a Wii 2. Why would they though? The thing is printing money (and HAS been from day one).

Tommykrem3794d ago

Yeah, I agree. But if they're out early with a new console, they're competetive on price and can dish up a few games and some decent motion technology they'll probably be safe.

Let's take Nintendo handhelds the last years. Next up is 3DS, which is a slightly more powerful DS with 3D support and a few new features. But as long as they still have Pokémon and a few other popular franchises it'll probably sell like... a DS.

As you mentioned, Nintendo has to pull themselves together when facing competition. Like they did with the DS, when they suddenly had to go up against the PSP. Before that they had made marginable improvements to each handheld. Not much happening from Gameboy Pocket to Gameboy Advance SP, and that was four generations.

And right now Nintendo isn't facing that much competition because they've managed to aim for a market no one else has been aiming for, at least until now.

gaffyh3794d ago

The article is titled as flamebait tbh. What he actually said was that Nintendo's next console will never be as successful as the Wii was. That doesn't mean it will fail!

I_find_it_funny3794d ago

he's like hip hop gamer, nobody cares unless he says like PS3 fails, or 360 to dominate

mikeslemonade3794d ago

He's stating the obvious. You can't milk the customer forever. They're stupid but not that stupid. We seen it with EA, Madden, Activision, Guitar Hero, PS3(yes i said it). If your "next" product isn't perceived as good as the previous then overtime the customer will start to learn to stop buying.

Now... EA and Sony have learned and have put out that quality back. Capcom, Nintendo, Square Enix, Activision, Ubisoft all are starting to go the way of EA and think money is priority. Now..., granted money is always first, but if the consumer feels it's money first then they will ultimately lose.

jony_dols3794d ago

Every time a company brings out a new console, it starts out on a fresh slate, regardless of how successful its predecessor was.

For all know the Wii 2, might bankrupt Nintendo or it could be even a bigger success than the first Wii.

Remember when Sega and Atari used to make consoles?

BattleAxe3794d ago

Hopefully Nintendo doesn't have another GameCube where they end up selling only 25 million units. Nintendos biggest successes so far have been the NES, Wii and DS. Outside of that they've managed to hang in there, but theres no guarantees that Wii 2 will be a heavy hitter.

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Dark_Charizard3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I think Nintendo realize they seriously lack third party support with Wii and to an extent, DS. They're already trying very hard to improve the situation with 3DS, and I don't see how they can not do the same for their next home console.

Wii is the fastest selling home console in video-game history, and I think the Wii2 will be successful, just maybe not to this extent.

Tommykrem3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

That is very true. 3DS has some excellent third party support. And most of that support came out of thin air. They could be able to pull the same thing off with the Wii 2. They have at least proven to their investors that their current tactic has been paying off.

pain777pas3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

The only company that can potentially dethrone Nintendo would be Apple. They have everything you want a company to have for gaming. They understand hardware and software. They are the only company that is really strong in both areas. Sony is strong in hardware and Microsoft in software. Nintendo products are well built but are behind in tech. Apple is always in the thick of it from a technological standpoint and they make the best OS software period. MS has helped in the past and stolen lets not kid ourselves. Apple is back and stronger than ever. I would hate them coming in to gaming full force because of their prices only but I think that they make top of the line glass screen don't mess with customer products like Sony. Apple just gouges but for good reason.

gamingdroid3794d ago

Problem is Apple's pricing on their product is rather expensive compared to the competition, when there really is no reason too.

They are also by far the most hostile company when it comes to third parties and control over software.

I would say no thanks to an Apple console, besides their addition to the gaming space really hasn't done anything. It's more of a side effect of being successful.


OMG..Is it just me or are people tired of hearing from patcher???? How the hell will the wii2 fail.As long as they are guys with girl friends, and they are parents with little children,and they are girls who luv casual gaming and they are some bois(who i just cant understand why they want the wii) is alive the wii2 will not fail.

Seriously patcher this is what i think every time u speak----->

koehler833794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Because that entire market already has a Wii and Nintendo will be hard-pressed to convince them to buy another $300 box when, all things considered, they've barely used the first one.

The big question mark that people miss is that nobody knows how this market will follow along. This is really the first time they've jumped into gaming at all. Who knows if they'll hop on the treadmill as we do. Have we not established already that our audiences differ significantly? It may happen, but it simply cannot be relied upon and third parties know this. As such, investment from third parties will be minimal if not non-existent.

Seferoth753794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

LOl that's funny really. Basing everyones use of the Wii off of N4G fanboys. Funny how when the actual data gets released Wii got way more play time than PS3 every single year so far. Oh but don't let things like facts get in the way of your opinion. It is much more amusing this way

Oh and casuals didnt just appear this gen dude. They were playing on PS2 and PS1 long before the Wii came along.

Do you have any clue about gaming or do you just make this stuff up as you go? You seem to know as much about gaming as a rock knows about swimming

koehler833794d ago

The point of the comment is I DON'T KNOW!


I can't make it any clearer than that.

NoobJobz3794d ago

I don't think it will fail but if it decides to still do motion gaming they now have PS3 and 360 to compete against. It used to be just them and people went crazy over it. Now with two other consoles doing the same thing, its going to be much harder to impress people to buy their system. It won't flop but don't expect nearly as good sales as the first Wii.

Kos-Mos3794d ago

I`m more tired of hearing bulltalk from vgtards.

ChickeyCantor3794d ago

"As long as they are guys with girl friends, and they are parents with little children,and they are girls who luv casual gaming and they are some bois(who i just cant understand why they want the wii) is alive the wii2 will not fail. "

Your insight is so brilliant.

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Stealth20k3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

didnt he say the wii and ds would fail immediately?

Didnt he say call of duty would have a pay for online system this year?

Didnt he say alot of things that didnt come true....over and over?

Masterchef20073794d ago

He just says this stuff to get hits

Theyellowflash303794d ago

I think the 3DS and the Wii 2 will do well. Heres how: Market to casuals, Release Mario, Pokemon, Zelda and Wii Sports games.

Remember its just his opinion. Pachter has been wrong before. Chances are he will be wrong again.

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