EA prototyping Fight Night Kinect

EA Sports is investigating how a Kinect-enabled Fight Night game would work best for fans of the boxing game series – and has even conducted prototyping.

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M-Easy2820d ago

Why is this in the PS3 section?

ChristianGamer2820d ago

You need to know so we stop hearing how kinect has no core games.

Perjoss2820d ago

because its mostly ps3 gamers posting (trolling?) in the kinect articles?

Stealth20k2820d ago

It better be optional, because it would be shovelware otherwise

Kurt Russell2820d ago

Well it is separate from the champions game... And no to the shovel-ware comment. Just because something is designed for Kinect it doesn't have to be shovelware. just so happens all that is out so far is.


gamingdroid2820d ago

I think both Kinect Sports and Dance Central are quality titles. It might just happen that "supposed" hardcore gamers don't like them.

I enjoy them with the family.

Kurt Russell2819d ago

I haven't played them and didn't mean to judge before anything. Only thing I've played is adventures which I found a lot of fun, until I whacked my head on the ceiling which was captured in a photo to torment me for years :(

devilhunterx2820d ago

EA should refer to "The Fight: Lights Out"

Raven_Nomad2820d ago

I would definitely play a Kinect version of Fight Night. Over the last couple of day's I feel pretty impressed if some of these rumored games are true for Kinect. SSX, Sims, Halo, Fight Night and possibly Gears Kinect! I'm getting super pumped for E3, cant wait to see if some or all of these are true.

Perjoss2820d ago

i agree, even though there is almost nothing for Kinect right now, Dance Central did impress the hell out of me, the 'game breaking' lag people keep talking about is comparable to wii or even less than wii. Can't wait to see what the future holds.

Pug2820d ago

If the game is in any way hardcore people will just get knackered very quickly, boxing properly takes it out of you. I suspect there'll have to tone it right down to the kind of stuff we saw on the Wii.

Perjoss2820d ago

how did Han Solo say it...

"One thing's for sure we're all gonna be a lot thinner"

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The story is too old to be commented.