Xbox 360 Camera To Come In Two Flavors

Official XBox Magazine reports the XBox 360 camera will launch in two versions.

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SEER5373d ago

I like Microsoft but this plan is stupid. We've already got 2 console SKU but now they're gonna start this with accessories coming out. This is just gonna add confusion to casual gamers entering the market.

Nodoze5373d ago

What is a year month? The second camera comes with a year month of XBOX live. What exactly is that?

Also as a side note I am getting sick of the nested links on this site. PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD link directly to the story from the main page. Click to read more, click again to read more, read more, back back UGH ANNOYING!

Evil5373d ago

It's a year of xbox live plus a free month(13 months in all).

bizzy125373d ago

it is a year not a month it was on gamespot video interview and anylive game you want for the third choice

xboxlj5372d ago

Something you dont really get with PS0. Well there is the expensive and really expensive console option.

Yomaster5372d ago

The Gold package doesn't do much for you besides making you pay for another year of Live early. If the Gold package was $60 and came with a free game of choice and 1,000 MS Points, I'd buy it. I think I'll stick with the Standard Package...