Lu Bu Revealed For Dynasty Warriors 7

"Main antagonist of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Lu Bu, is returning to make the peons at Hu Lao Gate wet their pants for the seventh time. This time around the behemoth has ditched his spiny black armour from Dynasty Warriors 6 for something a little lighter, yet no less fearsome. Whether or not his twin halberds will return has yet to be seen, though it’s possible they may be replaced for his traditional spear, similar to Xiahou Dun’s return to the scimitar. Check out this promotional poster which was snapped by KOEI Warriors’ community member, idealnite."

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AntoineDcoolette3797d ago

Dynasty Warriors without Lu Bu is like Mario without King Koopa or Donkey Kong Country without K Rool

Cyrax_873797d ago


I've only just played one Dynasty Warriors game (years ago), me and my mate burrowed it one night, we played co-op and we were cocky, we'd run around solo looking for generals to kill for exp or whatever. We'd own them easily.

Then my mate ran into this beast Lu Bu, and Lu Bu raped his ass, funniest crap I've ever seen. After that we always stayed together and ran like hell whenever we ran into him on the field, haha good times.

Spinal3796d ago

LOL Agree+

Exactly what it was like for me and my mate on PS2 Dynasty Warriors lool.

We one day plucked up the courage to Fight Lu Bu and after many failed attempts we killed him finally!! lool

Lubu3796d ago

I made it in!!!!!!!!!!!

InfiniteJustice3796d ago

Liking the new designs of the characters. Seem more classical but retain a cooler/ more modern edge they had in DW7

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