NVIDIA handpicks GF110 chips for GeForce GTX 590

NordicHardware: Last week we reported about graphics circuit maker NVIDIA working on the launch of its new flagship GeForce GTX 590. With 1024 CUDA cores and dual GF110 graphics circuit it is an extreme graphics card demanding a lot from the other components, where NVIDIA only uses the finest of its GPU samples and availability will be limited.

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Newtype3791d ago

imagine having a 590 in quad sli.

bumnut3791d ago

I would have to sell my lungs, liver & kidneys to afford 4 of them so all i can do is imagine.

ATiElite3791d ago

Imagine using that money to buy a CAR instead of a few GPU's.

Anything higher than a HD 6970 CF or GTX 580 sli right now is OVERKILL unless it's a 30" 3 monitor set up or a 6 screen Eyefinity set-up then these will work just fine.

Now granted come late 2011 DX11 will start to crush GPU's as more Tessellation gets applied and in 2012 (fingers crossed) Ray Tracing will hit the PC in full swing so most of these cards will be scrap metal (Cf and SLi will be a must) as Ray Tracing is gonna change everything.

Kakkoii3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

The new 28nm series cards are coming in Q4 2011. Even though they will be immensely more powerful than the now existing 40nm ones, it's still not enough to make ray-tracing in real-time a reality for games, while also processing the game data. (And yes, I've seen the Intel demonstration of ray-traced Quake. It was running at 512x512 @20 FPS being processed by 20 computers that each had 2x quad core processors. GPU's are much better at accelerating ray-tracing, but they still aren't enough for complete real-time ray-tracing. There are many GPU ray-tracing engines out there for production, which can do full global illumination and final gathering with caustics in under 20 seconds a frame, not good enough for games though.)

You won't see ray-tracing hit gaming for a good 4 years AT LEAST still. It's just too performance taxing, developers would rather put that processing power to use for other things like physics and enhanced geometric detail.

Substance1013791d ago


Id agree with you, however there are no games out there that can use that sort of power. In fact most of todays games are fine running maxed out on a HD4870 or 8800GTX. Unless its some game with DX11 or is being played on multiple screens.

Nvidia and AMD need to push devs to use this hardware, otherwise there simply is no need for upgrades.

kneon3791d ago

The problem is that developers have little incentive to max out the latest hardware, other than bragging rights. Is it really worth it to cater to the few percent of the market that max out their PC with all the latest bits?

They need to make their games accessible to as many people as possible so raising the minimum specs is not viewed as a good thing by the marketing departement.

They could of course make it work across a wide range of PCs but that raises costs.

ChrisW3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

IMO, the huge difference between the 580 and the 590 is exactly what the difference between the 480 and the 580 should have been.

Pandamobile3791d ago

But the 590 is a dual chip card. The 480-580 was just a refinement. We see this every GPU generation.

gillri3791d ago

hey its another hardware article!!..........that some people care about apparently

aaaaaaaaa3791d ago

I do, my guess is you've still got a single core CPU and AGPx8 GFX card.
Cards like these are the future for PC gamers.

Kakkoii3791d ago

Correction, are the future for all gamers. Since consoles use these GPU's eventually also (long after us PC gamers get to use them though :P )

Substance1013791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Eh atleast its something fresh. Not some article about the same 5 yr old hardware(lolcell) being treated as next gen lol.

NYC_Gamer3791d ago

whats the problem?a lot of us like to keep our hardware updated with the current times.

arjman3791d ago

Imagine if they invented double-quad sli, having four dual gpu GTX 590's in one rig, and a nuclear reactor powering it!

Substance1013791d ago

So many GPUs just wont scale properly. Dual GPU is the best scaling IMO, also there isnt a game out that needs so many gpus even when playing multi monitor.

580GTX in Sli is more then enough to play any game on 3 screens.

arjman3791d ago

Lol didn't detect the sarcasm there

Kakkoii3791d ago

There may not be games out that can fully utilize them.. But there are CUDA programs :D

bozebo3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Doesn't that mean that other GF110 products will be worse off?

If they are taking the best chips off the line then there's no chance of getting a lucky monster overclocker chip in a 580 card :(

nVidia's marketing is honestly quite funny. They have the nice 560 but what they need to do is actually be competitive price-wise and not charge more for things of equal performance. Though at ultra high-end they are doing well, but that is such a small market segment and it doesn't mean their other chips are going to sell any better.