Who Will Publish Armored Core 5 Overseas?

Siliconera: Looks like Namco Bandai and From Software are best buds. On top of grabbing the Western rights to Dark Souls, Namco Bandai picked Armored Core 5 too.

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SnakeMustDie3791d ago

Atlus? Just like Demon's Souls

MechaGear3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Namco Bandai did Demon's Souls for Europe.
Let's hope they're From Software's official western distributor now.

LoVeRSaMa3791d ago


Pressing R3 and L3 and going BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

Ps_alm3k3791d ago

God please, I need some mech action.

Swiftfox3791d ago

I am very happy it found a publisher for a western release. However, I still havn't heard any new info on the game for about a year.

It would be nice to see some updated info.


the last one was awful, not unless its massively improved.

Dark_king3791d ago

wasn't awful just extremely disappointing.I like the speed but the utter lack of parts and the complete lack of balance in the weapons made it a bit disappointing.I mean its a little sad but I think the PS2 version each had more then twice as many parts.Also the releasing AC4 with no mic support for PS3 just seemed stupid but they did fix that in the last one.I just wished they could use Mod Nation's decal system,just imagine.


The game was just plain dissapointing, the enemies either felt like paper or were rediculously tough and the limited energy bar was just dissapointing aswell.

Id have liked to have seen good damage effects on both surroundings and mechs like the loss of limbs etc and more dynamic gameplay.

The maps also felt huge but very empty and lacked any kind of "life"

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