5 well-reviewed games the critics were wrong about

Don’t believe everything you read…

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Istanbull2814d ago

I agree with GTA IV, it was the most boring GTA I've ever played. After you finish the story there is nothing to do.

GTA San Andreas and Vice City were so good because they were fun to play with cheats, unrealistic vehicles, gameplay, etc.

TheStee2814d ago

there's cheats for gta 4... one of which lets you kick and punch vehicles like you have an explosive shotgun in your knuckles, which is awesome. Actually I think that was only a cheat in ballad of gay tony, but all the other standard gta cheats are there (not the wicked flying car one from gta3)

MaxOpower2814d ago

No you don't agree, the writer said:

"Grand Theft Auto IV was a great game; it had engaging gameplay and was extremely solid overall. "

The write complained about the awful port, not the game it self.

Dac2u2814d ago

I think the awful port is why I hate GTA IV as much as I do and I've really started disliking Rockstar. At the time I had a GTX 260 video card. If I ran the game at 1080p I would get 40-45FPS and it would constantly dip below 30FPS. If I ran it at 800x600 I would get 42-48FPS and it would constantly dip below 30FPS. It was so horribly optimized for the PC that I just started hating the game.

Bully had the same problems, there were times where it the FPS would just crawl for no apparent reason. I lost a lot of respect for R* after those two games. Whether they made the PC port or not, they put their name on the line by allowing some company to screw the port up.

kancerkid2814d ago

More like "5 games that we didn't like that other people did"

What don't people get? Reviews are opinions.

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BLACKBOIJONES2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Where is Halo reach? And where is resistance 2?

Lets c how this turns out ;)

Tachyon_Nova2814d ago

Can't speak for Reach but I found R2 to be really fun. Especially liked co-op and 60 player battles. R2 remains the only game I play on unranked servers, because 60 people with 1000 kill limit is too awesome to pass up

jimbone792814d ago

I can speak for Reach and I thought it was bad ass. I always hear people bash it, but they rarely give a reason why they thought it sucked. I know we are all entitled to our opinions, I don't dispute that, but I would like to know what was so bad about it to make you think it sucked. I loved the new graphic overhaul, lighting system, armor abilities, and more fluid animation's. What did you think was bad about it? I do want to reiterate that I am not saying your opinion is wrong, I just would like to know why you feel that way.

Cenobia2814d ago

I would normally defend R2, but the campaign wasn't what I hoped it would be. Mostly the "oh look, the weapon I happen to need at this particular moment is lying right over there!" mechanic is what pissed me off. I also didn't think the story capitalized on the world that it took place in, which is why I thought the ending was the right direction to go in.

Everything else about the game was great though. The co-op multiplayer was the most fun I had with it.

SnakeMustDie2814d ago

Agree with GTA4 and MW2. There are some games missing that I won't mention.

Acquiescence2814d ago

I want to mention a bunch of titles from popular franchises that I think are appalling, but will refrain from doing so for fear of being jumped upon by the masses.


Halo can go suck it though, seriously.

BLACKBOIJONES2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I disagree with u based on MMW2.MMW2 Was fun IMO..I enjoyed it, its my second best COD after COD4,if u said black ops then i can understand where ur coming from..As for GTA4...MY God where do i begin with that game.. I returned it after the bank mission.I made all that money and nothing to do with it.While in gta san adreas u could customize ur car, buy mansions with pools,spend money in the gym...e.t.c

@Acquiescence speak ur mind and dont worry about the public.every one is allowed to state there opinion even tho it hurts some fan boys.

Acquiescence2814d ago

F**k that horrible abomination of a game.

MarcusFenixITA2814d ago

come on man ... at least it's way better than Black Ops. There are many games that are much more worse.

Cenobia2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I don't understand the argument for MW2 being better than Black Ops. BO was at least a semi-believable/sci fi plot line. The Twilight Zone had more probable plots than MW2 (which seemed to want you to take it seriously while doing insane things).

MW2 was so unoriginal that they actually brought *multiple* characters back from the dead.

I also find BO to be a much more balanced multiplayer. The perks in MW2 got ridiculous. I haven't experienced many technical issues on either (PS3) game, but I would think most people would rate BO better if they didn't have any issues.

I will say that the RC car is annoying and some of the maps aren't that great. I really wish they'd re-release the best MW1 maps for free.

Jezuz2814d ago

yeah, MW2 sucks on the PS3. Countless crashes and all that.

arjman2814d ago

Modern Warfare 2 is like the prom night dumpster baby, unwanted!

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