Crysis 2 Demo Still Broken a Week After Launch Without Promised Patch

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "As RipTen (and the rest of the internets) reported a while ago, Crytek had slated an Xbox 360 exclusive demo for launch on the 25th of January that would allow players to sample the ‘Skyline’...

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Inside_out3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I have played HOURS of the problems getting into a game here. I would say that before you start posting videos and crying like a school girl that Crytek is bad and the world would be better off without them, that it's not your connection or Xbox 360 that is the problem...O_o

Your research consists of finding a post with 200 people...Really? How many of those 200 people couldn't get on-line and play the game? You seem to have some sort of agenda since I found it hard to believe you've NEVER got on line Delete the beta and re-download it. Call your ISP. Call doesn't sound like you've done anything but complain....Hmmmmm.

On-line gaming will always have issues regardless of the game you are playing. Is this beta without issues...NO...hopefully Crytek is learning every day and when the final product releases in a couple of months they would have a solution to any of the problems discovered during the beta...that's why it's a only gripe, performance wise, is the hit detection. The graphics and game play is as good as it gets for this genre.

callahan093796d ago

I've tried a dozen times or so since the demo came out and still haven't gotten into one single match. This is why I wish multiplayer-only demos would have bots or something, just so I could feel what it's like to play the game. I have had this issue before with multiplayer demos, not being able to get into a game at all. The Alien versus Predator demo gave me similar difficulties, the Lost Planet 2 demo did as well, it seems to be a problem for me. But the Crysis 2 demo is by far the worst. I have yet to get into a match at all, and it keeps freezing my console.

teething3796d ago

Use the wired ethernet connection. The wireless is the issue. I went from 100% freeze to 100% awesome.

KillerBBs3795d ago

This game sucks. Come over to my house and I will make you a lag sandwich. Demo is broken in many ways... Thank you demo for saving me 60 bucks!

Kreyg3796d ago

Well, this is a demo. We can't expect too much from them.

Sandwich Bender3796d ago

I expect the world from everyone!

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IMChampion3796d ago

@Kreyg Really? This is a sign and people should take heed in purchasing this, its the first sign of whats to come.
If they don't fix their demo what makes you think they'll fix their game?

Tachyon_Nova3796d ago

1. Because people are paying for the full game and they have a reputation to build/uphold.
2. Plus they would likely have more than a week to patch the full game.
3. They won't be still making the actual game, and therefore they can devot more attention to fixing things.

RedDead3796d ago

This shouldn't be a problem for a demo though, Beta testing is for that not a demo/

Hitman07693796d ago

Crytek doesn't have to fix things. They are Crytek. Even broken Crysis 2 is 2,000% better than 1,000% of games currently out.

In fact it is not broken at all, your current gen systems merely can't handle it, that is just how it runs on inferior hardware.

Crytek all knowing, hail Crytek.

/end sarcasm.

CrzyFooL3796d ago

I was getting ready to disagree with you so hard til I saw the /sarcasm . . .

Nostradavis3796d ago

sarcasm and global warming, making the world a better place.

Tachyon_Nova3796d ago

Who ever claimed Crytek were Gods of the gaming industry? They're Pretty awesome but nobody puts them on that sort of pedestal. On the other hand, certain first party Sony Studios are treated like Infallable gods.

KillerBBs3795d ago

From Crytek.

Don't buy this game.

your inferior hardware cant take it anyway.

The game lags and is buggy. I played it, someone down me with three shots from 80 feet away and the kill cam clearly showed the shooter missing me by 3 feet behind me. = LAG like no other game!

At times this game was un-playable.

Reminds me of Gears.

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Batmau53796d ago

Hopefully the PC demo wont be so shoddy

aviator1893796d ago

I wonder if this thing even had a legit internal beta.

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