Killzone 3: An Evolution In First Person Shooters?

BMC: We’re confident that Killzone 3 will shake up the PS3 online shooting arena, especially after the controversy surrounding the recently hacked Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops servers. It’ll give players a fair chance to fight again, and in one absolutely killer arena at that. Be sure to check back for our final thoughts on the game soon. And gear up. You’re gonna need your skills taking on this movement.

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-Mezzo-2815d ago

Agreed, Beta tomorrow can't freakin wait.

Pandamobile2815d ago

I thought it started on the third?

Dead_Cell2814d ago

Second for the US, Third for the EU.

SpaceSquirrel2814d ago

Killzone 2 was great. Part 3 will be even better.

Tripl3seis2815d ago

I think is the 2 or I I'm missed informed here

Dr-Zoidberg2814d ago

lol what? I hope KZ3 does evolve the genre further if not I am sure it will be damn fine improvement as a franchise.

sasuke992814d ago

Killzone 3: An Evolution In First Person Shooters?

NO, Bulletstorm is, Stupid article!

Burackus2814d ago

how in your right mind is bulletstorm an evolution and not kz if either r an evolution it would be kz not bulletstorm

SixZeroFour2814d ago

actually hes right, bulletstorm does more to change fps' than killzone does...not downplaying killzone, but "evolution"-wise with that grappling gun thing, the weapons, slow mo, sliding into cover and comboing all of those things together to kill someone is much more different than what killzone is doing (which at base, is still the basic shooter where you pick weapons and kill ppl...nothing too different)

will killzone be the best looking fps around? most likely...but does it change the way future fps' can be played? not really

Burackus2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

@ MrAnonymous so your saying that slo-mo has never been in a shooter before, and you can slide to cover or just slide in kz3, so that leaves "with that grappling jun thing" so a gun/lasso in a game makes it an evolution??? i dont see it

SixZeroFour2813d ago

i never said they werent in it, but it is changing up gameplay more than killzone is...and even if those elements were in different games, they are doing it in a way that is unique...homefront (although closely similar to battlefield games) is also evolving the way fps' are played

all im trying to say is that bulletstorm is MORE of an evolution than killzone is...but thats just my opinion, you say killzone is more of an evolution, so i would like to know why you think that

Burackus2813d ago

me personal dont think either r evolutionary, but kz has way more immersion, graphics, and psychics, and the amount of detail will spoil us and change the way we see other games thus change the way we think about games in general, if they can do it other devs should step there game up, changing the hole development of games in the future

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RevXM2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Well I think Killzone is going the right way.
Immersive heavy, non floaty combined with somewhat mobility is WHAT FPS games need.

The "control is everything" video made me jizz, gameplay and tech looks incredible!

Evolution or not...
(OUTRAGE! haha)

BRINK looks like itis headed the same way I guess.