Latest Japanese Hardware Chart, PSP on Top?

PSP finally outsells DS after two years of dominance, but will it last? Wii and PS3 continue to slide before the holiday season rush and Xbox 360 remains dead in Japan.

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GoLeafsGo4048d ago

Lmao..the GBA sold 0, yet it made the list.
That just tells you that the original Xbox SOMEHOW sold less than 0..XD!

And wow..PS3 almost caught up to PS2.
Don't know whether that's good or bad =|

cooke154048d ago

No ps3 sales went down so did ps2's so ps3 did no catching up ps2 just fell faster :P

BIadestarX4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

cup is half full or half empty?
You said, "PS3 almost caught up to PS2"... but in reality... is that the PS2 sells drop is faster than the PS3... because they both drop in terms of sells.

I think.. it's safe to say.. that the PS2 is rapidly dying..

Taker_1294048d ago

I think you mean the 360 is rapidly dying

Foliage4048d ago

Sorry blade, but your fanboyism continues to cloud your judgement. The PS2 is not rapidly dying, in fact it has sold the most consoles than any other console in history, and continues to put up some respectable numbers despite the age of the console. The xbox on the other hand has been dead for years, and wasn't the first to market.

Panthers4048d ago

the PS2 dying is the best thing that can happen to the PS3 right now. It is competing with itself...

nasim4048d ago

same goes to EU

the only territory left is NA which would fall soon.

why is MS still selling x360s in JAPAN and EU

BIadestarX4048d ago

wow.. that sounds like a lot.. why don't you say.. that the PS3 is beating the xbox 360 by 10K instead... but just dont forget to mention that the xbox 360 is beating the PS3 3:1 in the us... that the PS3 drop in sells by 40%... and that the xbox 360 is sold 60K more than the PS3 in 1 week... that's like 3:1 even if you put japan and the US PS3 numbers..

Here is my link to prove it:

@Foliage - I have a PS2 and I loved it. But what are you blind or simply dumb? You can't see the continue drop in numbers? even in the US the xbox 360 is beating the PS2.

@nasim- you are just an idiot... do you care to show that the PS3 is selling more than the xbox 360 in EU?

Europe and other contries
xbox 360: 37,768/week
PS3: 27,598/week

I know you will say that vgchartz is not accurate... but only when is not good for the PS3 just like all other PS3 fanboys. But can you show us where you get the EU numbers?


jackfatal4048d ago


dont be so proud that the x360 is selling more because it should!! u forgot that this is the second year in its life and it has much more games and halo3 is near the doors? and bioshock is out(although its not AAA games it has good graphics and good gameplay but sometimes u can get bored)

and do u really think that next year in september the ps3 well sell like the x360 now?? i think it will be double it at least!!

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ChibiSelz4048d ago

just shows the magic of ff7 crisis core now put that magic on the ps3 with a remake of the original and see what happens :P end of the console war!

SonySoldiers4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

we dont think ff7 itself will help, we're now focusing more on more games.. so please do yourself a favor and shut up.

Synex4048d ago

Actually if they get a FF7 Remake on the PS3 it would sell quite well, and with FF13 coming out also they wouldn't be able to resist.

ChibiSelz4048d ago

I'M sorry but i cant shut up im not speaking to you im typing
on another note you say "we"? your speaking for other people how bout you keep your opinion to your self with "i" dumbass

hazeblaze4048d ago

Agreed. A remake of FF7 would result in a HUGE spike in sales in Japan (probably globally actually). But this is something that I would have rather seen within this past year... as far as future projects, I'd rather see them get their new games out though.

Since the basic story & concepts for FF7 are obviously done already... maybe they could finish it quickly & with less expenses to tide us over & generate some extra sales though.

SonySoldiers4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Garbage, we're sorry you can't dictate US! We're sticking to what WE are.

SONY > garbage360.... and U fail.

Thanks for the support, say Hello to our ignore list.

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s8anicslayer4048d ago

good news for sony,but if any one including ms are expecting to take over the japaneese market thier sadly mistaking!An american product will never outsell a rival japaneese with that being said who cares what happens in japan!

cooke154048d ago

Japan belongs to Nintendo now, they are just letting sony have one week out of the year :P

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