IGN: We Want Nintendo vs. Capcom

Think about it. For the past decade you've seen Nintendo characters brawling and battling it out, even inviting guests from Sega and Konami. But in the realm of video games, few companies have the depth and breadth of recognizable, iconic characters of Capcom.

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Snake-eater3791d ago

how about microsoft vs sony as a multiplat, it would sell lol

Convas3791d ago

LOL Helghast vs Spartans. I could see that being a VERY interesting game. Online Multiplayer, Persistent Stats, Customizable armor, Clans.

I'd live on that game. Finally get a chance to see if the talking heads around here actually have any skill or not.

I call dibs on Bloodmask's team. Dude's an animal.

DA_SHREDDER3791d ago

Good one Snake, + bubz 4 you. Though I would love to see Conker or Jade Empire tournament in MK series. Fuck the skies the limit.

darthv723791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Sony doesnt really have any fighters to call their own but I guess they could make one like nintendo did with the brawl series. I would rather see a Nintendo vs SEGA. The whole capcom vs thing is wearing thin.

Now if capcom and sega and namco and snk and every other dev that had a fighting franchise got together....

They could create the ultimate fighters megamix (sorry to ref a sega title but it just fits).

Venox20083791d ago

make it happen Nintendo and Capcom!!! :)

pcz3791d ago

if anyone asks whether it should be a capcom v nintendo game, or a smash bros game featuring capcom characters, then they obviously are stupid. it should be a capcom vs nintendo game!

smash bros with capcom characters would be shit and a missed oppertunity

midgard2273791d ago

honestly that is a horrible horrible game idea.

i mean the only nintendo characters that would be good a MVC type game would be samus and link, who the F wants mario VS akuma, thats just stupid. its like Winnie the pooh VS Kratos, wtf

tunaks13791d ago

u dont know what ur talking about
Pooh bear would kick Kratos' ass!

midgard2273791d ago

lmao. sometimes i think people get too caught up with being a fanboy to even actually think about it.

i mean to the ones who want retarded stuff likee teletubbies vs master chief go play Mugen, its a free fighting game on PC with thousands of characters.

when it comes to serious fighting games Capcom Vs nintendo is horrible simple as that

ZoidsRaven3790d ago

Roll from the megaman series would like to have a word with you.

Roll: I put too much time into whooping Akuma's a$$ in MvC 2 not be relevent.

orion4563791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I want Marvel vs Nintendo vs Mortal Kombat vs Capcom vs DCUniverse vs Sega.

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The story is too old to be commented.